Brenda Snipes Doesn’t Like Peasants Questioning Her

Today on Trigger Warning Radio…

Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes held a press conference Monday, during which she attempted to explain away the boxes of ballots that were found at the Fort Lauderdale airport Sunday. Of course, Snipes wouldn’t admit that’s what she was talking about, but what other boxes of “election supplies” have been found in recent days?

Snipes also hit back against the various lawsuits filed against her office, as well as the aspersions that have been cast upon her character in recent days. Snipes did this in a manner that made it clear she did not welcome any questions or criticism from the assembled peasants.

I’ll show you the press conference, as well as tell you exactly what needs to be done with Brenda Snipes and every single elections official in Broward County.

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