BREAKING: Is Rod Rosenstein Resigning Too?

Wednesday, bloody Wednesday…

Rod Rosenstein Resignation

Following the sudden departure of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice has confirmed that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is no longer overseeing the Russian investigation.

It appears that task has now been taken over by acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) confirmed to The Hill on Wednesday that Matthew Whitaker, who served as Sessions’ chief of staff, will now oversee the Russia probe instead of Rosenstein, who has fiercely protected the federal investigation examining Russian interference.

“The Acting Attorney General is in charge of all matters under the purview of the Department of Justice,” DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said in a statement to The Hill.
Whitaker has previously stated that the Mueller investigation in its current form has overstepped its bounds. Whitaker also argued in a CNN op-ed that President Trump’s family and finances are outside the scope of Mueller’s probe.
In another interesting development, sources are reporting that Rod Rosenstein intends to offer his resignation within the next 48 hours.

Democrats have already vowed to investigate President Trump’s (totally legal) firing of Jeff Sessions. Rod Rosenstein resigning or being fired would no doubt send them into further fits of apoplectic rage.

This tweet is perhaps the best summary of the day after the midterms I’ve ever seen:


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