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Nah, that’s fake news

I just thought I’d try a fake news title on for size just for the clicks. It’s kinda fun to be just like CNN!

This is my own personal little vendetta since it really annoys me when people promise something and then renege when they find out the reason for doing something good and nice isn’t there any longer.

When this whole Middleton Elementary School kerfuffle started, retired astronaut Jose Hernandez @astro_jose tweeted:

To which I suggested that perhaps this was all a misunderstanding:

Well, of course, it eventually came out that there wasn’t any insensitivity and certainly no racism. As I wrote in another article, certain things are verboten today including showing ‘insensitivity’ to certain cultures by doing something that many other people think of as pretty much meh. We discussed all of that in another article so we’ll not rehash that here.

Jose tweeted:

Today he and I had this exchange where I had tweeted to him saying the I hoped he would continue to keep his promise.

I’m sure he’s completely sincere but someone needs to hold his feet to the fire so that maybe the kids get some real benefit out of all of this.

Rush has talked about the “Drive-by Media” for years and usually it’s to get a conservative in trouble for something so it’s fun to see them accidentally take out a few of their own! To quote the great one himself:

The true definition of the Drive-By Media is they arrive on the scene of major breaking news and they stir up emotions to a frenzied fever pitch. They spread lies, and then, after a few hours or a few days when the real facts emerge, they’re gone.

Middleton just got a taste of that for sure!

I’m hoping another result will be that perhaps, just perhaps, Jose will take just a few milliseconds longer in jumping to conclusions about perceived racism. And maybe think to himself “what are the odds that I’ve discovered a hotbed of Latinx racism in Idaho? Maybe I should wait just a moment before I jump to that conclusion.” I’m also hopeful he’ll go to Middleton with an attitude of:

  • Racism is instilled by adults in kids and there’s not a racist bone in any of these elementary kids’ bodies.
  • Until proven otherwise, the teachers and staff are patriotic Americans who respect me not for my ethnic makeup but for my accomplishments.
  • My story is inspiring because what I’ve accomplished in spite of adversity which everyone faces to one degree or another.
  • Tomorrow I may be speaking to a group of just Latinx people where my message might be somewhat different, but today I’m just an American inspiring other Americans.
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