A Time for Reflection, and Grace

Tis the Season when Brunos’ odoriferous emanations rise up from the bowels of hell and Kingsjester brings it all home. But when you think things are tough and it’s hard to go on, remember that someone, somewhere, has a tougher road to hoe than you.

I’m thankful for my ancestors who got kicked out of England and came to this great nation, and for suffering the deprivations they were             subjected to when they got captured. 

I’m thankful for my ancestors who fought again in 1812 and suffered hardships and loss of their homes and loved ones to remain free. 

I’m thankful for my ancestors who fought in the Civil War. I’m thankful for one that paid the price at Gettysburg, and for the one who lost a limb at Shiloh. 

I’m thankful for my ancestors who were stationed on a Destroyer in the Atlantic during WWI, and for picking up and moving on to support their families after the Great War and the Depression that soon followed. 

I’m thankful for my uncles who served in WWII aboard Destroyers and Combat Assault ships. I’m thankful for Harold, who scoured the beaches of Tarawa and Okinawa, picking up pieces of Marines and Japanese soldiers that were strewn about, but yet came back and lived his life to the fullest.

I’m thankful for my Dad who worked under the ground to provide for his family the best way he knew how, and for always being there for his kids, no matter how old they are now. I’m thankful for his admonoition to never, ever, disrespect your mother. I’m thankful for him wanting to talk to me through the years. 

I’m thankful for my mom, who did her best raising 6 kids, and for the sacrifices she made or each one of us and our kids. I’m thankful for that little ol’ Sicilian woman who berated the nurses who were caring for our daughter after she was born, and for anyone who would think to harm her kids or grandchildren. I’m thankful for the way she fought as long as she could until she had to pass on.

I’m thankful for my Wife, who found me a little broken from my first marriage, and had the patience and love to marry me. I’m thankful for her companionship and the joy we have to this day, and for the way we mock each other.

I’m grateful for a good son, who was a great brother to his disabled little sister, standing up for her and understanding that we couldn’t do what we wanted to do with him because of her. I’m greatful for his understanding heart that he doesn’t feel cheated. 

I’m thankful for my daughter who shows more courage than I ever could, and for the high times and low times she has given us, for her pure love and innocence. She keeps me humbled and knowing what it means to serve Gods children, for “If ye do this to her, ye do this unto me.” 

I’ve known people who suffered greatly, who took their own lives despite all the help we could muster. I’ve seen people throw away their lives for nothing but spite. I’ve had hate spewed at me for nothing but my beliefs, and for treating  my officers fairly. I’ve been slandered, falsely accused, beaten, spit on, shit on, urine thrown on me, covered in my blood and someone elses. I’ve complained about the pains I had, and then saw people who lost limbs. 

I’m thankful for people like Caddy, Hokie, and Casey who answered the call. 

I’m thankful for people like Constantine, NWC, Fossten, and Doomberg for providing this forum. 

I’m thankful for people like MomSoldier who fought the political fight. 

I’m thankful for reading about peoples troubles on this site, that make me lose any self-pity I might have and pray things come out ok for them. 

And I’m grateful for my Saviour. The Son of Man has descended below all. Art thou greater than He? I’m thankful a lowly sinner like myself can find His love and Grace.

Be thankful. Always. 

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