Virtual Kegger for Kavanaugh!


Despite fanatical opposition, and a smear campaign nearly unprecedented in political history*, Brett Kavanaugh has now been confirmed as the newest justice of the Supreme Court.  But how could we properly celebrate this momentous victory?

Once the fraudulent sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh disintegrated under scrutiny (at least for those of us capable of recognizing a line of BS), his opponents pounced upon his high school and college partying habits.  Kavanaugh had to plead guilty to being a party guy, because… well… he WAS a party guy. In fact, he seemed to be pretty much the party-meister of his fraternity (and just to KEEP UP with the other guys in Delta Kappa Epsilon is NOT an easy feat – the Dekes CAN PARTAAYYY).

To those amoral scolds among the left, drinking beer and having a good time are crimes against humanity. To us normals, they are cool. With this in mind, the only appropriate way to celebrate this momentous occasion is a KEGGER!!!

Unfortunately, the tyranny of distance prevents us from all meeting up together.  Sadly, we will have to BYOB, and do this online. There are some advantages to meeting up online, at least for the host.  Because we are lifting our beers at home, I won’t have to take the keys away from anybody. My Fascist HOA won’t be bitching about the volume of the music.  And no one will be slipping beer to my kids, hitting on Mrs SubmarineDoc, or throwing ice at my neighbors.

So – let us know what you are drinking!!

I will go first.  First round – Yuengling is my favorite brew.  Claims to be the oldest brewery in North America.  Good stuff. My brother-in-law turned me on to it. (Ironically, said brother-in-law is a liberal college professor, but he DOES have a great taste in beer.)

Second round – Bold Rock hard cider.  Not a beer, but great stuff. Local product of my area of the Blue Ridge, where apple orchards are common.  Goes down nice, but it does sneak up on you. They say that during early colonial days, fermented ciders were more popular than beer.  But the rapid expansion westward led to beer becoming predominant. Apple trees take many years to produce fruit, and hops grow quickly.  No one wants to wait a decade to get a buzz.

Bottoms up, everybody!!

*The only smear campaign in recent US political history conducted with greater fanaticism are the attacks against The Donald himself

I have to admit that the Virtual Kegger idea was shamelessly stolen from a twitter buddy of mine, @Feisty_FL, a Floridian and fellow physician.  She is a good follow, if you are on Twitter.


Written by SubmarineDoc


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