The November Elections Are Critical Because We Could Do Permanent Damage to the Democrats

Hit ’em while they’re down

The liberal grand strategy on Kavanaugh continues to reap huge dividends… for the Republicans:

After a blistering confirmation battle, Justice Brett Kavanaugh will take his seat for oral arguments on the U.S. Supreme Court with a skeptical public, a majority of which opposed his nomination. However, Democrats may not be able to exploit this fact in the upcoming elections as much as they hope, because the independent voters overwhelmingly disapprove of their own handling of the nomination by a 28-point margin, a new CNN/SSRS poll finds.

Overall, just 41 percent of those polled said they wanted to see Kavanaugh confirmed, compared to 51 percent who said they opposed his confirmation. In previous CNN polls dating back to Robert Bork in 1987, no nominee has been more deeply underwater.

What’s interesting, however, is even though Democrats on the surface would seem to have public opinion on their side, just 36 percent approved of how they handled the nomination, compared to 56 percent who disapproved. (Republicans were at 55 percent disapproval and 35 percent approval). A further breakdown finds that 58 percent of independents disapproved of the way the Democrats handled the nomination — compared to 30 percent who approved. (Independents also disapproved of Republicans handling of the matter, but by a narrower 53 percent to 32 percent margin).

Conservatives have long had the impression liberals are “winning” the battle to control the country. After all, the media, academia, and the unelected bureaucracy are in the hands of the far left. The left is chasing people off social media, and mobs of them run riot in the streets and attack Trump supporters in increasingly routine spasms of political violence. The billionaires all seem to be pouring money into the left as well.

Yet behind the glitz and glamour, the left has been rotting for years. Starting with the 2000 election, the left has only won three elections in the last two decades. Those elections are 2006 (the anti-Bush backlash), 2008 (the election of Obama), and 2012 (ineffectual, gray, colorless Mitt Romney).

Despite holding most of the levers of power, the left has been unable to achieve a real grip on the elected government, which they need to complete their takeover of the country. A major part of this has to do with the changes in the structure of the Democrats as a political party. Previously, the party styled itself as the party of the working classes and the poor – the “common man’s” party.

Increasingly, however, the party has wandered away from its 20th century makeup, becoming a party of the fabulously wealthy elite, the status-conscious upper-middle classes who are eager to break into the ranks of the elite, and non-white ethnic nationalist groups. The Democrats of 2018 bear no resemblance at all to the Democrats of the 1950s and 1960s.

Because of this, the party is obsessively focused on issues that just don’t matter to the majority of Americans – issues such as social justice, global warming/overpopulation, transgender bathrooms, feminism, and RUSSIA!!!.

They essentially have no economic policies at all beyond “steal/extract tons of money from savers and dole out a few crumbs to our supporters,” and they are increasingly missing in action on issues like crime or fixing potholes. These fields have almost been completely abandoned to the Republicans.

The Democrats are a party of social issues. When times are good, people are going to be less concerned about bread and butter economics, but ever since the September 11th attacks and then the 2008 recession, the focus of the public has been on finding a job and on security, things the Democrats know nothing about or care about.

The last Democrat who understood anything at all about making an economy function was Bill Clinton, who was smart enough to steal conservative ideas and repackage them as his own. That was about 20 years ago. The old Democrat party, which had some capable managers and governors, is long gone.

The party has almost entirely been taken over by social justice warriors (SJWs). The SJWs are primarily the uber-wealthy and their upper-middle class hangers-on who deem themselves an enlightened aristocrat class. Most of these people are badly educated at colleges which teach a lot of leftist political dogma and very little in the way of life skills; they are mostly urban and live in little bubbles on the coasts, completely ignorant of the world outside their region.

Ben Rhodes, Obama’s old Deputy National Security Advisor, was talking about the press in this quote, but everything he says applies to the SJWs in general:

“The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. … They literally know nothing,”

These are the folks who we saw screaming at the sky and having meltdowns on Youtube in 2016 and at the Kavanaugh confirmation. These are the folks beating Trump supporters in the streets and cheering on or calling for violence against Trump supporters on the internet. They are the ones in the driver’s seat of the party right now, and they don’t have the faintest clue about anything other than posting on Twitter – they couldn’t govern their way out of a paper bag. This short Instapundit post tells you everything you need to know about the SJW left’s ability to govern.

The SJWs are also religious fanatics and have driven critical supporters out of the party and are doing very little to raise support among alienated groups. Because of the internet and a “let it all hang out” atmosphere the SJWs have created, Democrats regularly fall all over each other to spew hatred and contempt for the “filthy commoners:”

Democrats are hoping to make gains in Republican-leaning congressional districts by running moderates with biographies that appeal to center-right voters including veterans, gun owners, and football players, and in doing so have distanced themselves from the far-left of the Democratic Party. Yet despite packaging themselves as reasonable centrists, Democrats running in Texas and Kentucky are teaming up with a motivational speaker who has a history of hostile rhetoric and negative views of middle America.

According to her website, Otting is a professional motivational speaker who “helps innovators, idealists, and critics get ‘unstuck’ in their thinking.” Before becoming a motivational speaker, she was a political appointee for the Bill Clinton White House and then worked for several nonprofits.

Since Trump’s election, Otting has had several public Facebook posts where she commented about voters who didn’t support Hillary Clinton. “Fuck white males” and “Fuck bible voters,” she wrote in one August 2017 post.

The day after Trump won the 2016 election, she wrote, “Who knew that America was even more sexist than it was racist? And jeez, is it racist.”

Despite her openly attacking Christians and white men, and declaring that America is both a sexist and racist country, McGrath and Allred have held fundraisers in her home. According to Otting’s Facebook posts, McGrath had a fundraiser in Otting’s home on June 25, and Allred had his event on Sept. 25.

In my opinion, despite their seeming strength in the culture and the bureaucracy, the Democrats are getting weaker electorally. Their reliance on mob violence and the increasing disconnection of their media from reality are signs of weakness, not strength. The SJWs who now make up the entirety of Democrat party activists are losing friends and chasing off allies who display insufficient ideological zeal.

The Democrats’ wealthy donors are not dumb. Most of them are certain to be aware of the weaknesses in their party and have to be unhappy with the wastage of the gigantic sums of money being spent on failed campaigns. All of them are capable of doing math, too.

The reason why I feel 2018 is so consequential is because we have a chance to deliver a deathblow to the Democrat Party once and for all. With a seventh major electoral defeat in two decades, the Democrats’ donors could start closing their wallets to indicate their displeasure. Furthermore, if Trump is able to get the wall up and finally speed up the pace of deportations and crack down on businesses which hire illegals, that will eat into the Democrats’ voting base as illegals are forced to return home.

Get out and vote in November. Get in contact with your local Republican party and find out what you can do to help, especially in embattled purple districts. Don’t let this chance to finish off the Democrats pass us by.


Written by Doomberg

I am Doomberg, one of the original founding members of Sparta Report, and have been here since the beginning. I am an insatiable news junkie and enjoy reading and writing about the US territories, the Caribbean, video games, smartphones, and of course conservative politics in general.

I also really like pictures of gas stations and claim full responsibility for the silly gas station motif. I'm presently trapped behind enemy lines in a blue state with no hope of escape! The ride never ends.


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