The Midterm Elections Choice – Jobs or Mobs?

As I sit down to write this post, the lead story on reports that the Democratic Party , if they are fortunate enough to gain seats in the House of Representatives after the Midterm Election and become the Majority, will proceed in attempting the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

Of course, they have no idea as to what sort of charges they will bring him up on for impeachment, they just know that he shouldn’t be president.

The Democratic Party, as every American is now aware, is controlled by a Far Left minority of Americans who are dead set on introducing Marxism as the American Form of Government. This cannot be denied as we have borne witness to it in the last 2 years since a New York businessman was elected as the president of our nation, upsetting a career politician in the form of Hillary Clinton.

The only sort of political platform which the Democrats have offered since the election of President Trump is one of divisiveness exacerbated through Class Warfare and racially divisive rhetoric, such as was seen during the Russian Revolution of 1918 and Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.

Instead of being based on a sound doctrine, the Dems’ political philosophy is based on a political theory which has never worked wherever it has been tried.

The Democrats, being so desperate to see the implementation of this failed political theory, have relied on cries of “Democracy”, in this case a euphemism for Mob Rule.

These cries have been accompanied by intimidating action taken by actual mobs, whether they be the black-hooded Antifa or 501 Political Action Organizations financed by George Soros.

For a political party whose mantra for years has been one of Tolerance and Free Speech, the Democrats’ actions have been the complete opposite of what they have claimed to stand for, insulting, berating, and bullying average Americans who have dared to disagree with them.

The Democratic Party’s misguided hope is that somehow average Americans between the coasts, who elected Trump as president in 2016, will somehow be persuaded into believing that the actions of these mobs represent a bright and shiny future.

Meanwhile, the object of the Dems’ Never-ending Temper Tantrum, President Donald J. Trump, has not only kept his campaign promises made to the American people, he has surpassed them. His Foreign Policies have been a success and his Domestic Policies even more so, having brought unemployment for all Races of Americans to an all-time low.

Hillary Clinton, the failed presidential candidate whom the Democrats are still in mourning over, and whose loss has precipitated these cries for impeachment and overthrow by Democrats like hasbeen actor Alec Baldwin, used to call those of us who refused to allow the taking over of our nation by her and the rest of her wannabe socialists, “Deplorables”.

Years ago, my alma mater, the University of Memphis, went to the NCAA Basketball Championships under the guidance of Coach John Calipari, now at the University of Kentucky. Coach Cal had a favorite term to describe those who could never say anything positive about the University of Memphis Basketball Program. He called them “Miserables”.

I think the name “Miserables” describes the Far Left Democratic Party to a tee. These “New Bolsheviks” are so miserable about the status of their own lives and the direction which our Sovereign Nation has taken as we strive to make America great again, that they are willing to literally burn our country down in order to achieve Political Victory.

That is why I don’t see them gaining anything in 3 weeks during the Midterm Elections.

The majority of average Americans love this country and are excited that we are on our way back.

They also enjoy getting more money on their paycheck.

In other words…

Americans would rather be “Deplorable” than “Miserable”.

Therefore, there will be a Red Tsunami in 3 weeks because Americans would rather have jobs than mobs.

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Written by kingsjester

Do you ever feel helpless about what's going on? Do you turn the sound down when a member of "The Resistance" speaks? Do you talk back to the television? I understand fully. My blog contains the views of a 61 year old Christian American Conservative. I was raised by members of The Greatest Generation. My father landed at Normandy. I love this country. By the way, how did that Hopey-Changey Thing work out for ya?

I have been writing daily since April of 2010. I enjoy researching and sharing my thoughts with you. It is a privilege and it beats the heck out of punching a hole in the wall.

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