Star Wars Franchise Shows Its Weakness As Boba Fett Film Cancelled

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The Star Wars franchise should have been an easy way for Disney to print money. However, the inept bunglers running the company have managed to repeatedly alienate the fanbase through terrible writing, shabby treatment of much-loved characters, and the injection of radical leftist politics. Then when fans complained, they resorted to calling them Nazis.

Now Disney is paying the price:

This week’s cancellation of a feature film starring the bounty hunter character Boba Fett tell us just how much trouble the Star Wars franchise is in.

LucasFilm chief Kathleen Kennedy finally bit the bullet this week, finally revealed what we all knew to be true — that the Star Wars movie universe is contracting, shrinking, and doing so in a very serious way.

If you recall, the original plan was for Kennedy and Disney to Marvel the Star Wars series, to mine the mythology and wealth of characters in a way that would guarantee a mega-hit for Disney once or twice a year.

Even the Lucas prequels didn’t flop, not even Attack of the Clones, but Solo did, grossing just $392 million worldwide, which is a disaster for something that probably had to crack $800 just to break even.

Solo was not so disappointing a movie it deserved to flop, so here’s what I think happened…

The fans had been complaining bitterly about a lot of things, most especially The Last Jedi, and in return Kennedy and her Woke Squad attacked them, called them bigots and sexists and backward, and screw you we are Star Wars and this thing will always make money, which means we can use it as a soapbox for our Woke Man-Hating, and while you deplorables crybaby, we’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Well, believe it or not, after all this promise and hype and announcements, there is only one Star Wars movie beyond the planning-to-be-planned stage, and that is the upcoming Episode IX, which officially closes this particular trilogy and the overall Skywalker saga.

Bottom line: without those Obi-Wan, Han Solo, Boba Fett spin-offs, after Episode IX hits theaters next Christmas, the Star Wars film franchise is looking dead in the water.


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