Should We Own Our Loonies?

From what we think we know so far, Cesar Altieri Sayoc seems to be a person you’re glad you’re not related to. You just don’t want to have family discussions like “is Cesar still living out of his van? I really don’t want him at Christmas dinner. He’s your brother but that guy is just kind of a kook!”

There are lots of people in this world that fit this description both on the left, the right, the center, the up, and the down. In fact, many of us are probably the kooks someone would prefer not show up at Christmas dinner!

The left has certainly had their loonies do some pretty loonie stuff from Reality Winner to Kathy Griffin. There’s Daniel Frisiello who sent the white powder to Donald Trump Jr’s house and put his wife Vanessa in the hospital. And leave us not forget James Hodgkinson who shot Steve Salise. I could go on and on but the left has had way more loonies than we have!

That being the case, rather than continuing the “false flag” narrative or looking for other reasons this loon acted out, isn’t it a lot simpler just to say “yep, he’s a loon, we all have a few, thank goodness the police caught him, give him a trial and put him away”? I think we should just go ahead and own our loonies. Is it any real surprise that eventually one of our loonies would do something loony?

I hear you all saying in unison “BUT THE LEFT DOESN’T OWN THEIR LOONIES!”

I prefer to look at things through the MAGA filter; we need to concentrate on doing the things that MAGA and everything else will come. If the left marginalizes themselves by continuing to act loonier and support more loonie stuff as well as more loonie people, so be it.

As Woodrow Wilson once wrote: “Never attempt to murder a man who is committing suicide.” You’re likely to get hurt and you’ll get the result you want without any additional effort. Good advice for today as President Trump has used results to show who’s right and who is just completely off their rocker.

Our resident intellectual, Doomberg, posited:

Sure but if they are ‘our nuts.’ The guy who shot Giffords is a great example of the media turning a crazed leftist into a'”right wing gun nut.”

I agree! I certainly don’t suggest a pacifist approach and when they’re trying to make one thing into another, we need to fight back. In the Giffords shooting, this morphed into the NRA is bad because they let one of the left’s loons get a gun. I happened to hear Mark Kelley, Gabrielle Giffords’ husband, speak a week after she’d been shot. You could sense the helplessness he felt and the desire to do something. Unfortunately, in a country as large as ours and with the freedoms we enjoy, a price we pay is that a loon can do something deadly. In this case, the shooter was literally mentally ill and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

The left is going to do what they’re going to do and the MSM is going to report on it; there’s nothing we can do about it. All we can do is own our loonies and be grateful that most of the time our loonies are content with venting on their favorite venue on the Internet but still have a grounded moral compass that in the end allows them to know right from wrong and good from evil.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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