The #PresidentialAlert Beams Trump Directly Into Leftists’ Brains

Not even your iPhone is sacred!

The Federal Emergency Management Agency conducted its first test of the nation’s “presidential alert” system on Wednesday. The system, created in 2012, was designed to send a text message straight to over 225 million Americans’ smart phones in the event of a national emergency. Wednesday’s test was the first one that FEMA had conducted for the system.

Wednesday’s test also had the added bonus of triggering the hell out of Leftists all across the nation. The nation’s least rational people seemed to think that President Trump had employed the KGB to ruthlessly hack their iPhones. Distressed Leftists created the hashtag #PresidentialAlert in an effort to console themselves and make sense of the tragedy that had just unfolded.

You’ve got to wait until January, 2020 for that to happen, honey.

Not to worry, there’s no danger of Bill Clinton being allowed anywhere near the White House any time soon.

Nice to see Mr. Krassenstein has time to tweet in between spreading fake news and being investigated for fraud.

Lots of Leftists seem to be worried about sexual predators in the White House. Hillary Clinton didn’t win. Bill can’t get into your phones. Stop worrying.

trump presidential alert okay
Don’t make eye contact and back away slowly…

I thought everyone in Puerto Rico was killed by Hurricane Maria?

Well I guarantee we wouldn’t be laughing as hard as we are at all the triggered Leftists.


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