President and First Lady to Visit Pittsburgh Synagogue, Despite Dem Objections reported yesterday that

President Trump plans to visit Pittsburgh on Tuesday after the weekend massacre that left 11 people dead, the White House announced Monday.

“Tomorrow the president and first lady will travel to Pennsylvania to express the support of the American people and grieve with the Pittsburgh community,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said during Monday’s press briefing.

Sanders did not specifically detail where Trump will visit or whom he will meet with.

During the briefing, Sanders was asked about comments from Jewish leaders in the Pittsburgh area who have said the president should not visit the city unless and until he denounces fully white nationalists.

“The president has denounced racism, hatred and bigotry in all forms on a number of occasions,” Sanders replied. “We’ll continue to do that. I’m doing it here today.”

She said the synagogue’s rabbi has said the president is welcome to visit in the aftermath of the attack.

“The president wants to be there to show the support of this administration for the Jewish community,” she said. “The rabbi said that he is welcome as well. Certainly, we want to show our support.”

Sanders also pushed back on the media for questioning whether the president’s comments could have influenced the synagogue shooter, as well as the person who have sent numerous pipe bombs in the mail to anti-Trump figures.

“The president is not responsible for these acts,” Sanders said. “Again, the very first action of the president did was condemn these heinous acts. The very first thing the media did was condemn the president and go after and try to place blame not just on the president but everybody that works in this administration.”

Sanders mentioned how Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and their children are Jewish.

“The president cherishes the American-Jewish community for everything it stands for and contributes to our country,” Sanders said. “He adores Jewish-Americans as part of his own family. The president is the grandfather of several Jewish grandchildren. His daughter is a Jewish-American and his son-in-law is a descendant of Holocaust survivors.”

The Main Stream Media has not just been “suggesting” that President Trump’s comments “could have influenced the synagogue shooter”, they have been adamant that Trump should accept responsibility for the Trump-hating, anti-Semitic animal.

Oh, and as far as those “Jewish leaders’ in Pittsburgh objecting to the President visiting the synagogue, they are actually Jewish Political Activists who belong to an organization named “Bend the Arc”.

Here is a quote from the “About Us” page on their website…

The Pittsburgh Moral Minyan of Bend the Arc arose in the aftermath of the November 2016 elections, when, as in many other communities across the country, a group of friends gathered together and asked, “what can we do?”

By early 2017 the group organically grew larger, and we joined forces with Bend The Arc, adding our local efforts to the national movement for justice and social change.

…Bend the Arc is the only national Jewish organization focused exclusively on progressive social change in the U.S.

And, on the website’s front page, they declare that

Resistance is part of our Jewish identity.
We’re rising up to fight for our progressive values and the soul of our nation.

That statement makes about as much sense as Soros employee and Radical Islamist Linda Sarsour proclaiming herself to be a Feminist.

For several decades, Jewish American have been involved in the Democratic Party, often being big funders and active members.

However, as the Democrats have moved to the Far Left of the Political Spectrum, some Jewish Americans have found themselves alienated and shunned by the Liberal left, such as the Former Dean of Harvard Law School, Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz.

Bowers could have attacked any synagogue in the city that he wanted to. Why did he attack the one in Squirrel Hill?

What the Main Stream Media has neglected to inform the public of in their coverage of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre is the fact that the synagogue was a Conservative Synagogue.

That is why the Rabbi did not refuse the President’s visit by making something political about it. While some of their members may be politically active, their place of worship keeps The Main Thing, The Main Thing.

There is a time and a place for politics.

The aftermath of the massacre of innocent Americans in their place of worship is not it.

To accuse President Trump of anti-Semitism, when he not only has Jewish family members but is also the closest friend to the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, that we have ever had as president, is either the height of journalistic stupidity or blatant propaganda by the MSM on behalf of their masters at the Democratic Party.

Although, taking things in perspective, it is probably both.

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