Polls Suddenly Questioning Whether the Democrats Will Win the House

Blue Fizzle

We’ve been hearing for the last two months that the Republicans are going to be wiped out by a “Blue Wave” in November, and that even if the Democrats didn’t take the Senate, they would still take the House.

In the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings and confirmation battle, many commentators and pollsters initially claimed that the GOP was going to take the Senate and that the Kavanaugh hearings had strengthened the GOP’s hand there, but that the Democrats were still comfortably in the lead for the race for the House.

“How,” I wondered, “Could the GOP be gaining in the Senate races but not getting anywhere with the House?”

I was right to ask this question, because today, the fine folks at Twitchy made note of this series of tweets by Nate Cohn which puts the narrative of an “easy” Democrat takeover of the House in serious doubt:

As democrat mobs continue rampaging through the streets and democrats threaten to murder their critics and political opponents, I expect things to get even worse for the Democrats.



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