Poll: About One Third Of Millennials Identify As Socialists



Has the ’60s revolution finally borne its bitter fruit?

Thirty-one percent of millennials identify as a Democratic socialist or socialist, according to a study by Maru/Blue and BuzzFeed News released Thursday.

Participants were first asked what description “best reflects your current political leanings,” before being given options ranging from “Strong Democrat,” to “Strong Republican” or “Independent.”

A total of 22 percent identified as “Strong Democrat,” versus 10 percent as “Strong Republican.”

The pollsters then asked, “Would you call yourself a democratic socialist, a socialist or neither?” A total of 31 percent responded “yes,” with 18 percent responding “Yes, a democratic socialist,” 8 percent with “Yes, a socialist” and 5 percent with “Yes, either a socialist or a democratic socialist.”

Millennial men were far more likely to identify as some kind of socialist, with a total of 40 percent responding affirmatively to the question.

I’m not so sure I believe this poll. First, with these kinds of numbers, I am not sure Trump would have been able to win. Second, this is a Buzzfeed poll, which instantly harms its credibility. Third, how many of the respondents even know what socialism is?

We definitely have a growing problem with social justice warriors in this country, but I am not sure things have gotten that bad yet.


Written by Doomberg

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