The Media Can Take Its Outrage And Shove It!

Today on Trigger Warning Radio…

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The luminaries in the Mainstream Media are filled with outrageous outrage. How dare President Trump make jokes about body slamming journalists at his Montana rally! Doesn’t he know he’s putting journalists’ very souls in danger? Also feel bad about Kashoggi being killed because Trump!

Where was the Media outrage when Nancy Pelosi called “collateral damage” against people who disagreed with Democrats’ agenda necessary?

Where was the outrage when Steve Scalise and five others were shot by a lunatic Democrat screaming “this is for healthcare!”

The same media that has called me a racist, bigoted, homophobic Nazi for the better part of the last two years now wants me to be outraged because Trump said something bad about journalists?

I’ll tell the Media exactly what it can do with it’s “outrage” in a very NSFW rant.

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