Is Nation of Islam Race-Hustler Keith Ellison finally facing A Reckoning?

Two things right outta the gate:

1. Keith Ellison is one of the most insufferably arrogant and personally unpleasant politicians in that  dismal vocation’s ugly history.

2. Keith Ellison is more slippery than a northern pike slathered in Mazola oil and has the political survival capability rivaling that of a post-nuke-leer holocaust cockroach.


So when the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the official mouthpiece of the DFL party. published a poll 15 days out showing Keef seven points down to someone who can only be described as a NPC Republican candidate, well, the ol’ Bruno-sense starts to tingle…

Now listen Jake, it’s Minnesota-town, so don’t get too bent outta shape, OK?

Still, the poll Is Not Where Keef Wants To Be this close to Election Day.

Your Uncle Bruno has a theory and it goes like this:

Keef is a seriously damaged candidate in the suburbs, exurbs and in greater rural Minnesota do to his anti-cop history, his documented ties to Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam and his In Your Face progressive leftist identity.

Look, this is Minnesota and nobody wants to be seen as not being nice or worse (insert all the usual HATER talking points here) when chatting with a nosy pollster who might know your great-aunt Hilda’s neighbor in Willmar.


The Karen Monahan Domestic Abuse Allegation changed all that and gives Permission for Your Average Vanilla Minnesotan to disapprove of Keef without the usual heaping helping of Skandy Lute-wren guilt.

So, here’s finger’s crossed that come the morning of November 7th One of the Most Despicable Politicians Anywhere Ever Bar None is forced into permanent retirement.



Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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