Hillary Clinton Has No Idea Why She Lost 2016

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hillary clinton lost 2016

A few days ago I posted a video titled “Hillary Clinton STILL Doesn’t Know What Happened!” The video was a light-hearted attempt to ruthlessly smear, besmirch, and otherwise make fun of the new afterward for the new version of Hillary Clinton’s book, What Happened. The obvious statement behind the title of the video was that Hillary didn’t really understand why she lost.

I found myself challenged by a few of my Gab followers on that assertion. My fellow Gabbers insisted that Hillary Clinton did in fact understand why she lost, and that was what pissed her off. It’s a good point to make, and at first glance would seem to be correct.

I’ll tell you why it’s wrong, and why Hillary Clinton may be incapable of truly understanding her devastating loss in 2016 on today’s episode on Trigger Warning Radio.

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