There’s No Free Market On The Internet

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Internet Free Market

True Conservatives have long scoffed at complaints from the right-wing rabble about censorship online. “Go out and build your own thing if you don’t like it!” they shriek whenever a conservative is shadowbanned or deplatformed. The True Conservative sings the praises of the “free market” on the Internet, as if it will solve all of our problems.

Andrew Torba built his own thing. Gab was built as a direct competitor to Big Tech’s social media…and he was deplatformed for it. Alex Jones built InfoWars, and it was deplatformed as well. It seems that every time a conservative or right-leaning individual tries to build something, the “free market” unites to completely destroy it.

Perhaps there is no “free market” on the Internet after all.

I’ll tell you why on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

I found this little gem of a comment on my BitChute channel. The commenter had posted it in response to my excoriation of the True Conservative argument that the people and companies being censored should “go build their own thing:”

Gab was hosted by GoDaddy, which also has the right to freedom of association. If GoDaddy wants to lose a customer (and probably many more in the backlash against it), then they are absolutely free to do so. Gab should host their platform on their own servers, or find a hosting provider that agrees with them. And before this, they were hosting their website on Microsoft Azure. Heck, if I had Andrew Torba’s money, I would build servers good enough to host a few million users and also allow access on the dark web (as hidden services on both tor and on i2p, just to make sure that my website won’t be shutdown by killing my domain name, ie: gab .com or gab .ai that they just threw away).

You are fake news.

Couple of points in response to this:

  1. GoDaddy was Gab’s domain registrar. Joyent was their hosting company. At least learn your facts before you go off half-cocked.
  2. Thanks for proving my point exactly.

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