DFL Governor candidate Tim Walz wants to turn Minnesota into a sanctuary state

Minnesota DFL candidate for Governor Tim Walz is advocating the Loon & Tick State become a Sanctuary State, just like Kallifornia.

Amazingly, liberal reporter Pat Kesler at WCCO 4 in Minneapolis has done a Fact Check reportthat certifies Walz’s position is 100% true:

Jeff Johnson, the Republican candidate for governor, is on the attack in a new campaign ad.

He accuses Democrat Tim Walz of wanting to make Minnesota into California by turning us into a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigration.


So, when Jeff Johnson says Tim Walz will turn Minnesota into a sanctuary state, it’s 100-PERCENT TRUE — and Walz is proud of it.

WCCO 4 and the Minneapolis StarTribune are the DFL’s two most reliable “go to” news outlets for burying stories, so this is more than remarkable.

Bruno Strozek

Written by Bruno Strozek

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