Democrats Increasingly Fear a 2016 Repeat

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The media is increasingly trying to prepare Democrat voters for disappointment as they warn that the “blue wave” isn’t actually happening:

Terrified of reliving the dejection they awoke to on the morning of Nov. 9, 2016, they are attempting to harness those nervous emotions and inject a bit of fear in the hearts of their supporters.

Katie Hill, who has emerged as one of the party’s most promising first-time congressional candidates, looked out at a group of about 100 supporters days ago and revealed that new polling indicated a four-point swing against her in what for decades has been a conservative stronghold, driven by consolidation by Republican voters into the camp of her opponent.

“We were ahead by a few points just a few weeks ago,” she said from a campaign headquarters sandwiched between a vape shop and a gun store. “The last poll we got back a couple days ago has us exactly tied.”

“These are the ones that should be – I don’t want to say the easiest – but really the ones that should flip from red to blue in this kind of a climate,” Hill said later about districts such as hers, won in 2016 by Hillary Clinton. “If we can’t do these ones, then how on earth are we going to do ones that are more red?”

Of the 25 Republican-held districts that Clinton won, Democrats are favored in 11 while Republicans are favored in three, according to the latest ratings from the Cook Political Report. But 12 are still toss-ups, and they are seeing a burst of energy and spending from both sides in a way that has Republicans feeling bullish and Democrats worried.


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