Democrats Blame Avenatti for Kavanaugh Confirmation

Fall guy

Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels

Now the blame game begins. Instead of correctly identifying the whole strategy used against Kavanaugh as the problem, the left is searching for a fall guy to blame, and they have found one in Stormy Daniels’ obnoxious lawyer, Michael Avenatti:

In the coming day, stories of Kavanaugh’s alleged debauchery as a high school and college student dribbled out from former classmates, as well as two additional claims of sexual misconduct: Deborah Ramirez claimed in the New Yorker that Kavanaugh had exposed himself to her as an undergraduate at Yale University, and Julie Swetnick, represented by attorney and potential Democratic presidential candidate Michael Avenatti, suggested that Kavanaugh had been present at parties where women were gang-raped.

But the additional claims had an unexpected effect: Widely deemed less credible than Ford’s assault allegation, they gave Kavanaugh’s supporters fresh ammunition to cast all of the charges as a political hit job.

Kavanaugh, a former political staffer who had micromanaged his confirmation process and media coverage of his nomination, was eager to defend himself publicly — and McGahn, McConnell, Trump and other advisers were encouraging him to do just that. Kavanaugh and his wife, Ashley, sat for a television interview with Fox News Channel’s Martha MacCallum.

Zero Hedge also had this excerpt from Susan Collins’ speech:

Some of the allegations levied against Judge Kavanaugh illustrate why the presumption of innocence is so important. I am thinking in particular not of the allegations raised by Professor Ford, but of the allegation that, when he was a teenager, Judge Kavanaugh drugged multiple girls and used their weakened state to facilitate gang rape.

This outlandish allegation was put forth without any credible supporting evidence and simply parroted public statements of others. That such an allegation can find its way into the Supreme Court confirmation process is a stark reminder about why the presumption of innocence is so ingrained in our American consciousness. -Sen. Susan Collins

This is very similar to how, instead of engaging in soul searching after 2016, the left rushed to blame Russia as somehow having changed peoples’ votes.


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