Did Cory Booker Sexually Assault A Gay Man?

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cory booker sexual assault

Did Democrat Senator Cory Booker sexually assault a gay man in a public bathroom?

That’s what one anonymous Twitter account going by the name of “Deep Throat” alleges. The account owner, claiming to be a gay former Democrat, tells a tale of a non-consensual sexual encounter in 2014 after Booker spoke at a meeting at the man’s workplace. Deep Throat claims that Booker’s treatment of Brett Kavanaugh is what compelled him to come forward, albeit anonymously.

Whether or not the allegation is true is irrelevant. In the glorious age of #MeToo all accusations must be believed. No matter how anonymous they are.

I’ll tell you what needs to be done with Deep Throat’s allegation on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Read Deep Throat’s allegation here.

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