Britain is Still in Denial About Pakistani Sex Trafficking Gangs

Out of touch with reality

The United Kingdom sticks its' middle finger up to the EU and destroys the certainty of elite control.

This kind of stuff is discrediting Britain’s leadership more than anything else. The backlash is going to get worse if the escape valve of Brexit is closed off:

Another gang of mostly Muslim Pakistani thugs in the north of England (Huddersfield, this time) has been jailed for raping hundreds of mostly underage white girls. But that’s only half the story.

What’s almost worse is the fact that even after all the widespread evidence that similar groups have been perpetrating these barbaric practices all over Britain for decades, the left-liberal establishment is still determinedly trying to hide the truth of what is happening.

It’s perfectly obvious to anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of the rape gang issue that the majority of perpetrators are Muslim, most originating from a particular part of Pakistan. This is not racism. This is simple, verifiable fact. Lammy is not stupid. (Well, not that stupid). His dishonesty here is not merely shameless but dangerous. It’s dangerous because, as we know from various inquiries into the rape gang phenomenon, one of the main reasons the authorities failed to act because they were all so terrified of being accused of the kind of racism with which Lammy is now ludicrously trying to tar Javid.

But Javid is being culpably dishonest too. He is using the cant word “Asian” because he dare not use the more politically contentious terms “Muslim” or “Pakistani”. This euphemism doesn’t let him off the hook: it is a grave insult to all those Asian communities – from Chinese to Sikhs – who are perfectly well integrated in Britain and don’t go around gang-raping little girls. Really, we should expect better from a senior member of a supposedly Conservative government – especially one who is among those tipped to replace the dreadful Theresa May once she has finally been defenestrated.

It may suit the liberal elite to pretend – for reasons of cowardice and political correctness – that the problem posed by the “far-right” is equal to that posed by unassimilated Muslim communities utterly contemptuous of British culture. But it just ain’t so. Ask any of the many thousands of girls across the country, for example, who have been raped by gangs like the latest rogues’ gallery of leering uglies.

Until our liberal elite faces up to the truth, things are going to get a lot, lot worse before they get better.


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