BREAKING: Massive Caravan Has Smashed Through Mexican Border Security, Calling Trump’s Bluff

Caravan smashes through Mexican border

After being turned away earlier, the massive 4,000 strong caravan regrouped and stormed the security fencing at the border crossing in Tecun Uman, Guatemala. They overwhelmed the Mexican security officials stationed there who had tossed tear gas into the crowds in an attempt to secure order with the mob.

The Mexican police then “asked them to form two lines which would allow women and children to come through first. The Daily Mail has more information:

Videos showed the thousands of migrants celebrating on the bridge once they had managed to get over the crossing.

They waved Honduran flags, chanted and beeped horns in victory and celebrated as they reached the Mexican side of the bridge.

It was a drastically different picture from just an hour earlier when, confronted with heavy resistance on both sides of the border, they retreated to reorganize themselves.

Earlier in the day, several men were taken into custody as they clashed with local law enforcement.

The bridge is just the start of the next phase of their journey. It leads into Ciudad Hidalgo in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

There are police there ready to respond to the group.

On Thursday, authorities there arrested a key activist who was waiting to welcome the migrants once they crossed over.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on his way to Mexico to try to talk to local officials there.

Who is going to be shocked if President Trump actually shuts down the border this time? His threats proved to be quite empty the last time a caravan continued to travel through Mexico after they were “broken up” by Mexican authorities.

If Mexico just breaks up the caravan like they did the last time one of these publicity stunts was pulled by the Soros groups, these people will be allowed into the United States no questions asked. The Trump administration keeps proving to the public that they only have strong words on immigration concerning the southern border.

Of course, that is only true if Trump is indeed bluffing —yet again— and does not shut down the border as he previously stated on Twitter. But given that he’s already broken several promises concerning the wall and also his pledge not to sign another spending bill that did not have wall funding, I do not hold out hope that this current song and dance being performed by the Trump administration will amount to anything more than what Americans have already seen.


Written by NWC

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