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Today on Trigger Warning Radio…

Conservatives were shocked when Senator Lindsey Graham rained fire and fury down upon the Democrats of the Senate Judiciary Committee over their treatment of Justice Kavanaugh. Of all the people we would have expected to go off on the Democrats, Lindsey Graham was probably the last person on the list. We were even more shocked to see Graham morph into his “Based Lindsey” form and continue to excoriate not just Democrats, but Leftist protesters alike!

based lindsey graham protester
“I got 99 problems but a Dem ain’t one!” -Sen. Graham

There has been a lot of speculation as to why Based Lindsey has come out to play. No one, however, has managed to hit upon the real reason for Senator Graham’s remarkable transformation.

I think I have, though.

I’ll tell you what’s behind Based Lindsey’s remarkable transformation today on Trigger Warning Radio.

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Credit for the awesome Based Lindsey $100 bill goes to Hung Likable on Gab.


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