Baltimore Reassigns Officers on Desk Duty to the Streets Amid Crime Wave


Criminal hands locked in handcuffs. Close-up view

Until the city administration has the backs of the police and ends its soft on crime policies, it doesn’t matter how many officers are put on the streets:

About 230 Baltimore police officers assigned to administrative duties will leave their offices for patrol work as the police department seeks to combat a spike in violence across the city.

Baltimore Police Department Interim Commissioner Gary Tuggle has temporarily shut down administrative operations at police headquarters and in every district, he said at a news conference Wednesday. Those officers have been reassigned to the streets, bringing the number of police patrolling the city to about 650, he said.

Tuggle said he’s disturbed by recent violence in the city. On Tuesday alone, 11 people were shot and three died.

“It’s just not acceptable, and one of the common denominators that we’re seeing with this violence is drugs,” Tuggle said. “We’ve gotten to a point where we’ve become desensitized to levels of violence in this city that are just totally, totally unacceptable.”

Tuggle said the department ultimately hopes to transition some administrative duties to civilians. He did not specify which departments would see the majority of its staff leave their offices for patrol work.


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