The Clumsy Propaganda of the Left

Written by Claudiusxiii

Democrat propaganda is so bad, so clumsy and childish it would make Joseph Goebbels blush with embarrassment for them.

1. It’s not organic, which is to say it does not appear to spring from events. It merely appears like a large 2 story residence in the vacant lot next to your property, with no apparent construction activity. Good propaganda is rooted in events.

2. They’ve spent almost two years beating the Russia collusion myth into everyone’s memory. Now they just drop it. There’s no mention of Russia in Woodward’s new book. Not a word. Now Trump is crazy, but they haven’t really settled on a simple to remember word. Is it crazy, nuts, unbalanced, dangerously unbalanced or is he just retarded like a 70 year old 5th grader. Of course they can’t use retarded. Good propaganda must be repeated endlessly and be simple to remember. “Stabbed in the back” comes to mind.

3. Then there’s credibility. During the Nixon era, Deepthroat, was catchy, easy to remember. It amused people to say the word. And, when Deepthroat dropped a new revelation it corresponded to some verifiable material. Now they give us a motley collection of close associates, anonymous sources, and a fired underling. Further when we go to corroborate the new details the supposed actual source tells us it’s a complete lie.

4. The meanness, ferocity, and variety of the attacks seems to come from a bloodlust rather than any desire to save the country.

– Thanks to Claudiusxiii for this great post!


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