Sunday Morning Wisdom From Evan McMullen

Evan McMullen was back at it again making asinine statements from his lofty ivory tower (funded by the CIA) yesterday:

Evan McMullin on Twitter

Some say that messages of unity don’t sell in times of polarization and tribalism like ours, but Beto is proving otherwise. There is, in fact, tremendous hunger in America for leaders who unite, not divide, and who call on us to put country before party.

Evan McMullin on Twitter

We can have a thriving economy without all of this indecency.

First off, Saddam Hussein and Hugo Chavez achieved national unity by murdering people left and right and imprisoning the rest of the resistance. They went on to win landslide election victories until they died.

Does Evan McMullen support genocidal dictatorship (as long as they don’t swear or restrict immigration in the slightest)?

It appears that all President Trump has to do to win this man’s affections is to kill off the democrats and the deep state.


Written by NWC

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