Reminder: It’s all about Roe V. Wade

Hold onto your butts!

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I just wanted to take a step back and remind everyone that everything we’ve seen and will see regarding Judge Kavanaugh is directly tied to Roe v Wade and the overriding fear by the left that Judge Kavanaugh would vote to overturn it. Should President Trump have the opportunity to fill Justice Ginsberg’s seat, what we’re seeing now is child’s play to what we will see then.

There is no level of depravity that the Democrats will not go to protect Roe v Wade!

What is the Left’s strategy? #RESIST. That’s it. They’re completely on defense here and will continue to use this strategy until some event occurs that puts them back on offense. The sad part here is that the GOPe is on defense as well.

#RESIST means that every time President Trump doesn’t get something, that’s a victory for them. As we’ve seen all through the Kavanaugh insanity, Alinksy’s rule number four has been fully at play.

Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules

Along with rule number thirteen.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it

The Democrats have been very effective so far but were unable to deliver a kill shot. Mark Judge is their last hope.

Many libs on Twitter seem to think that when Mark Judge is interviewed by the FBI, he’s going to roll on Brett Kavanaugh. He’s not particularly because there’s nothing to say.

The real plan is to find a means to bring Mark Judge to Washington and compel him to testify. I don’t know how this gets done but you can count on Democrat staffers burning the midnight oil to figure out a way.

Why do the Democrats need Mark Judge to testify?

First it’s because he is perhaps the last person on the planet you’d want to have in front of a Senate Committee having any ties to the Republican Party.

  1. He is an alcoholic and wrote about his early experiences in Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk.
  2. He’s written “Of course … no means no and yes means yes. But there’s also that ambiguous middle ground, where the woman seems interested and indicates, whether verbally or not, that the man needs to prove himself to her. And if that man is any kind of man, he’ll allow himself to feel the awesome power, the wonderful beauty, of uncontrollable male passion.”
  3. He’s written a number of decidedly “right wing” articles over the years and has said, among other things that  Michelle Obama “with her love of violent movies, her fixation on fitness, and death glare that appears when she doesn’t like what she’s hearing, Michelle is actually more man than her husband.”

Regardless of what we might think about any of this, the game plan is to get this man to testify and totally eviscerate him on national television.

How many women are out there with a grudge with Mark Judge? I think it’s likely the problem won’t be finding someone to testify but keeping the hordes at bay!

To what end? Painting a picture of Brett Kavanaugh as someone who hung around with a looney, reprobate, extreme right wing sub-human pile of shit (SHPOS).[NOTE]

As a bonus, getting Brett Kavanaugh back on the stand to refute everything Mark Judge has written about. Can you only imagine? “Judge Kavanaugh — have you ever experienced the uncontrollable male passion that Mark Judge has written about?” “Judge Kavanaugh — since you hung around with this Mark Judge, would you say he influenced you to drink too much in college and to emulate your friend in other more untoward ways?”

The Democrats could keep this up for weeks if need be.

Hold onto your butts folks!

[NOTE] SHPOS is a term used by doctors and police officers to denote a worthless piece of excrement they have to deal with.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

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