“Nonbelievers” Seek to Organize for Political Ends

What is a religion?

I have often written in the past that modern leftism is not a set of political beliefs but is instead a religion (see here and here for examples).

In yet another piece of evidence that most people who call themselves “atheists” are in fact anti-Christians, they are looking to create political pressure groups:

As November’s midterm election approaches, nonbelievers in the U.S. are trying to build something that has long eluded them: political power.

The portion of U.S. adults who don’t identify with any religious group rose to 24% of the population in 2016 from 14% in 2000, according to the Public Religion Research Institute. But their political influence has lagged behind: Just 15% of voters in 2016 identified as not belonging to a religious group, according to exit polls.

A coalition of secular organizations is now determined to close that gap. This summer, they kicked off a nationwide voter registration drive, which will culminate with a get-out-the-secular-vote campaign in the fall. Their goal is also to politically galvanize nonbelievers around issues like separation of church and state and access to abortion.

There’s just one catch: How to unite a group of people whose common denominator is what they don’t believe? And even on that point, they are heterogeneous: 16% of religiously unaffiliated Americans still describe themselves as a “religious person,” according to PRRI.

“Nones,” as nonbelievers are sometimes called, are looking for the same type of respect. “We want the political establishment to see us as a group they need to make pit stops for,” said Sarah Levin, director of grass roots and community programs at the Secular Coalition for America.

Here’s my problem with this.

Atheism, supposedly, is simply supposed to be lack of belief in religion. There is no coherent set of atheist beliefs beyond “no God.”

Yet the fact that “atheist” political groups are being formed show that there is a set of coherent beliefs among many of these people, and pressure groups will be used to enforce these beliefs among others.

I believe “atheist” pressure groups will be more vehicles to advance the religion of militant socialism/leftism. Leftism tells people what they can eat, the rules for having sex, and generally how to live their lives. The media act as priests and social justice warriors act as religious enforcers. The universities act as religious schools or “madrassas.”

It’s worth noting that the left has already devoured feminism and environmentalism in this way. Leftism has also been tied into ethnic identity as well, with many blacks attacked as “race traitors” if they espouse conservative beliefs.


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