Nikki Haley Greets and Supports Venezuelan Protesters Outside the UN

Nikki Haley Venezuela

Nikki Haley can be very good when she doesn’t feel obligated to lie in bed with the left. She greeted protesters of Venezuela’s President Maduro yesterday in front of the United Nations and stated her and the President’s support for the opposition movement in that country.

Nikki Haley greeted Venezuelan protesters outside the United Nations demonstrating against the country’s authoritarian President Nicolas Maduro, telling them that the Trump administration has their backs.

In a somewhat unlikely scene, Ambassador Haley walked from her car to a special area designated for protesters set up by the NYPD during United Nations High Level week. Haley encouraged the hundreds of protesters, who seemed to be caught by surprise by her visit that the U.S. was listening.

“We need your voices to be loud, and I will tell you going to tell you the United States voice is going to be very loud,” Haley declared.

She told the cheering protesters about her recent trip to the Colombia-Venezuela border and said that while Maduro is flying around in private jets and eating at nice restaurants ordinary Venezuelans were lucky to get one meal a day as they tried to escape from the country to Colombia.

Speaking through a megaphone, Haley told the protesters: “I can tell you that I talked with President Trump and he is fired up about this. He is angry at Maduro. His comments were we are not just going to let the Maduro regime backed by Cuba hurt the Venezuelan people any more.”

She continued: “So I will tell you I’m going to be loud, President Trump is going to be loud the United States is going to be loud and Maduro will hear us because we won’t stop talking until we see Maduro go keep your voices loud.”


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