Is Lyin’ Ted Coming Back to Haunt Cruz for 2018 Reelection?


One downside to President Trump smashing through his GOP opponents in the 2016 primary elections was his ability to find and name an opponent’s weakness so well that it has extended far beyond their initial battles during that campaign.

Democrats have seized on the language from the Twitter campaign waged by Trump against Ted Cruz and are now using Trump’s own words against his endorsed candidate to beat it over his head in their ads. And of course the left’s favorite child soldier David Hogg is helping to spearhead the effort:

Activists in Texas have raised thousands of dollars to place an anti-Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) billboard in the state.

A GoFundMe page organized by USA Latinx, a political group focused on supporting Latinx candidates, topped its $6,000 fundraising goal, raising nearly $10,000 in less than 24 hours.

Parkland, Fla., school shooting survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg and Claude Taylor, the chairman of the liberal Mad Dog PAC, helped promote the effort on social media.

“President Donald Trump will be campaigning to help Sen. Ted Cruz win his re-election,” the page reads. “A rally is being planned, according to Trump ‘at the biggest stadium in Texas.’ We are planning to display the presidents own words about Cruz from 2016 on a mobile billboard, to remind Texans of the truth.”

The proposed sign will feature a February 2016 tweet from Trump criticizing Cruz as an “all talk, no action” politician.

“Why would the people of Texas support Ted Cruz when he has accomplished absolutely nothing for them,” Trump’s tweet reads. “He is another all talk, no action pol!”


Written by NWC

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