Hurricane Florence Live Blog Open Thread

Yours truly disobeyed the Governor’s panicked order to evacuate, so here I am to bring the Hurricane Florence Experience direct to you live on the ground.

I continue to be amazed at the media’s desperate attempt to make this dribbler seem scary. “ZOMG WE MIGHT SEE WINDS UP TO 40 MILES AN HOUR IN CHARLESTON!”  By the time Florence reaches me, it should be a tropical storm. Last year Irma was a Cat 2 and what we saw overhead wasn’t even as bad as some gullywashers we get from time to time.

As I write this, I’m tempted to go for a bike ride since the storm hasn’t hit here yet, but I need a rest day so I’ll just sit here and keep you all entertained.  Well, at least until I lose power. Heh.

I live in Summerville, about 20 miles inland from Charleston, so I’m not expecting any flooding or any severe winds, but I might lose power for a day or two.

Those of you fellow South Carolinians feel free to join in and keep us updated in the comments as well.

10:01 AM: Warm, partly cloudy, beautiful day in Charleston today. Lots of dog walkers and joggers out on Sawmill Branch Trail. Nobody’s battened down the hatches yet. Florence wanders whither she wills.

8:04 AM: Looks like every news network has a rain-slicker-donning correspondent on the ground in the middle of the hurricane so that you can be properly frightened.


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