Happy Anniversary, Deplorables!

Two years since Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables.”

hillary clinton basket of deplorables

Sunday, September 9, 2018, marked the second anniversary of Hillary Clinton labeling over 65 million people in this country as “deplorable.” The speech in which she talked about putting normal, working-class Americans into a “basket of deplorables,” galvanized President Trump’s base. Those of us who supported then-candidate Trump took Crooked Hillary’s insult and made it our own.

Naturally, President Trump felt it was necessary to mark this momentous anniversary with what is probably his most epic troll to date.

Proud deplorables across the nation celebrated with the president.



Leftists, however, were less enthusiastic, and showed the world that they still haven’t gotten over Hillary Clinton losing to an amateur.


You know who I see talking about racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.?
You know who isn’t worrying about any of those things?
That’s an excellent point.
Here’s my counter:
hillary clinton deplorables election
Awful lot of red on that map…
Oh, that reminds me, I’m almost out of toilet paper!


Aww, how cute. They still think Mueller’s going to save them!


This coming from someone whose username is “This Grandma Hates Trump.”
Okay, sweetie.


Oh don’t worry, honey. We’re definitely voting stupid out of office. Starting in November with the rest of the Democrat globalist resisters.
hillary clinton deplorables trump laughing
Pictured: Trump in December, 2018…

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