Former Cruz Spokesman Rick Tyler Thinks Ted Cruz Could be on the Way Out of the Senate

“This should be a 10 to 15 point race and it’s not”

The Cuck coalition is destroyed. Ted Cruz is eliminated and Kasich bows out shortly afterwards, ensuring an outright Trump delegate win.

Some caveats, this is the same guy who was fine with smearing Marco Rubio and Ben Carson during the 2016 campaign for the Republican nomination. If you do not remember, Ben Carson said he was going to go home for a change of clothes after finishing campaigning in Iowa. Ted Cruz’s campaign omitted the “change of clothes” part of his comments to CNN and told as many Ben Carson supporters as possible to change their vote to Cruz because their candidate had quit the race.

Rick Tyler’s opinion on that matter of twisting and mangling the Ben Carson statement? It was fair game:

CNN had reported that Carson was planning on going home to Florida after Monday night’s caucuses, which the Cruz campaign misinterpreted as a report that he was dropping out of the race.

Carson said in a statement that he was going home to “get a fresh set of clothes.”

The retired neurosurgeon slammed the Cruz camp for “deceptive and destructive practices.”

“For months, my campaign has survived the lies and dirty tricks from my opponents who profess to detest the games of the political class, but in reality are masters of it,” he said in a statement.

Earlier Tuesday, a Cruz campaign spokesman denied any wrongdoing.

“On the Ben Carson allegation, it’s just false,” Rick Tyler, the Cruz campaign’s communications director, said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“We simply as a campaign repeated what Ben Carson had said in his own words,” he continued. “That’s not a dirty trick.”

This is what started the process that would lead to Donald Trump anointing of the name “Lyin’ Ted” to Ted Cruz.

Tyler later again attacked another Republican primary contender with a smear, this time it was against Marco Rubio. Tyler peddled an unverified article to Facebook that purported to have evidence that Marco Rubio told a staffer that they won’t “find many answers” in the Bible that they were reading.

For that smear, Ted Cruz finally fired him.

Now he has returned to make some headlines by telling MSNBC that the Texas Senator may not survive his reelection campaign:

Kasie DC on Twitter

JUST NOW: Former Communications Director for Ted Cruz, @rickwtyler, says it is “possible” Cruz could lose his Senate seat. “This should be a 10 to 15 point race and it’s not”

Should we believe this serial liar?

Of course, it isn’t like Ted Cruz hasn’t also engaged in his own smear campaigns himself. This may be a case of reaping what he has sown.


Written by NWC

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