Colleges Are Now Teaching “Toxic Masculinity 101”

Garbage in, garbage out

Once upon a time, colleges helped to train students for careers and success in life. Now they just train them to be useless failures:

Brown’s program is part of a growing trend on campuses to address “toxic masculinity,” a term generally defined as elements of masculinity that encourage dominance and prevent men from showing emotion.

Some experts identify this as a root cause of #MeToo issues. They say it can lead to self-detrimental, sexist and sometimes violent behavior, including sexual assault.

Many of the programs on campuses report new energy since the #MeToo movement began, while some unlikely campuses have addressed the issue for the first time because of #MeToo.

Neil Irvin is the executive director of Men Can Stop Rape, a non-profit that runs training for men, including on college campuses, on stopping sexual assault. He said it’s crucial that men break down harmful norms of masculinity.

“For some men, they think if they’re not raping anyone, that’s enough. But we’ve seen that it’s not. We need to train men on healthy masculinity at a young age,” Irwin said.

I’m pretty sure that if colleges held classes talking about “toxic blackness” or “toxic feminity,” the administrations of that school would be forced out immediately.

This is yet another way the “anti-racist” and “anti-sexist” left promotes racism and sexism in topsy-turvy America.


Written by Doomberg

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