Editorial in the New York Times

Editorial in the New York Times

Dear Readers,

Casting blame on the Mexican government for the assassination of the president or the events that followed is a heinous attempt by this administration to regain control of a government that people no longer trust and no longer want. We unequivocally lend our support to the steps Mexico has taken to defend its people and those of Mexican heritage in the San Diego area.

Reliable sources within the United States Navy confirmed to the New York Times that the carrier Barack Obama is moving into position to attack Mexico with “substantial force.” When asked whether this would include nuclear, the source stated that “nuclear had not been ruled out.”

We have always been grateful for the leadership and guidance of Mexican telecom entrepreneur Carlos Slim Helú over these many years. His stake in the New York Times wasn’t motivated by profit but rather to ensure voices of reason were heard by all. While he is no longer with us, we are still guided by his wisdom. Given the events of the last few days, he would no doubt be proud that we are here to tell the truth in the face of a government now totally intent on lying and obfuscating about everything surrounding the death of the president and the planned attack on Mexico by the United States.

Sources within the government, speaking under condition of anonymity, have confirmed that elements of the United States military are being mobilized to bring California to heel. Sources also state that the Joint Chief of Staff have been directed to launch an all out assault against California utilizing martial law and any and all force as deemed necessary.

All Americans should be appalled that this administration is taking such punitive steps against their own citizens who simply want to live out their lives in freedom and in the manner they choose.

Rather than forcing pieces of the United States puzzle to fit back together, we should now look for a better way. While violence is the last resort, we must consider whether the time has come or whether California will continue to be shackled by a government that has shown itself to be immoral, uncaring, and willing to do anything, break any law, and tell any lie to maintain control over its people.

We call upon the United Nations to immediately accept Canada’s offer to send peacekeeping troops to Washington, Oregon and California to augment Mexico’s peacekeeping troops.

The aircraft carrier USS Barack Obama must immediately leave the region and cease current or potential hostilities against the people of Mexico.

The people of the United States must now decide whether their government is acting for the people. The states of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Washington have developed a culture that is much different from much of the United States. The cultures of these states, as well as Minnesota, is very similar to Canada with a focus on improving the welfare of all citizens through government management of healthcare and other essential services as well as addressing the critical state of global climate change. San Diego, Arizona, New Mexico, and southern Colorado all now have cultures that are much more like Mexico than the United States.

We know that this immediately conjures images of the Civil War and to some degree this is true. However, we are a much more sophisticated people now. The time has come when we should consider realigning some of the states for the good of the people — and not for a government that continues to repress them.

It is in our hands to ask the hard questions through civil discourse. World leaders, through the United Nations, can act as the mediators that prevent violence from erupting that could destabilize the country and potentially put the entire world at risk.

We call on the United Nations to help us help ourselves. The people of the United States are strong people and are at their best when they are living freely without fear of repression from their own government.

It is time to act with our entire world family to ensure a new vision for America that is built upon the concepts of freedom, culture, world unity, global citizenship, global environmentalism, along with guaranteeing the basic needs of food, water, and healthcare for every citizen.

Mark Rosneck

Written by Mark Rosneck

Site owner and bilagáana


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