17 Year Old Student Pilot Makes Remarkable Landing

Your feel good story for the week with a touch of leftist lunacy

A young lady student pilot found herself in a bit of a pickle this weekend when one of her wheels fell off her airplane. This is not desirable.

Tom Podolec Aviation on Twitter

Piper PA-28 in distress. Reported as the right main gear wheel fell off the aircraft on departure. Pilot is a female student solo pilot. Flying orbits around Beverley Airport, North of Boston. Instructors in the tower assisting. Emergency services standing by.

I received my early flight training in a PA-28 Cherokee. It’s a nice airplane and very stable to fly. However, you’ll notice it’s a a low wing and the pilot cannot see the landing gear. The Cessna 150, which is another airplane commonly used for training, is a high wing and the landing gear is clearly visible.



One thing to realize here is that the pilot might not have known she’d lost a wheel. Another aircraft noticed the problem and notified the tower.

As tweets from well wishers began to come in, there was also this: