Why the “Free Market” Argument Doesn’t Work for Twitter, Google, Facebook Banning Conservatives

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Alex Jones and his InfoWars brand has become the newest target in the left’s religious crusade against nonbelievers. Now that conservatives have witnessed what the left can do when they want to completely erase someone’s voice from the public sphere, they are calling for someone to step in and stop the censorship from the left, right?


No, instead we get to listen to the same tired arguments which are parroted from the very same people who brought us Nevertrumpism, Mitt Romney 2.0, Ted Cruz-Carly Fiorina Co-Prez’s 4 Lyfe, Paul “It’s not who we are!” Ryan, massive illegal immigration, horrible trade deals, constant war, applaud Roseanne’s firing for her one allegedly racist comment and defend Sarah Jeong’s continued employment at the New York Times.

We are supposed to listen to these guys because they have been right on everything else. Right?

I call it the “just roll over and die because it isn’t who we are” conservatism. It is the primary cause of the right being the constant losers at electoral politics that they are. The right is too worried about their principles and ideology and have become so inflexible in this that they are completely dumbfounded when the left, who have no principles unless it allows them to gain power, runs circles around them and gets results.

It is only when the right reluctantly embraced the alt-right and their meme war machine did they win the presidency, but even then the old guard and establishment tried to do everything in their power to take as much wind out of the sails of the Trump campaign as possible. And they have constantly tried to eject the meme machine right from the greater right umbrella ever since.

Again, these are the very same guys who are having their talking points repeated by many conservatives today regarding Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al.

I love this tweet from Styxhexenhammer666, it perfectly encapsulates the impotence of many on the right when facing government approved censorship of conservatives by “private” companies run by leftists:

Styxhexenhammer666 on Twitter

To all the “muh private market” socialist shitters: If Microsoft decided based on audio recordings from your laptop microphone that they disliked you and bricked your computers’ windows access, would you consider that a free market friendly, perfectly sane, acceptable move?

There is no Free Market on the Internet now

The right needs to understand one thing, the current “free market” on the internet is not a free market at all. The tech companies are running their mini empires with the understanding that they are to silence voices that would be considered problems for those in power. Alex Jones is one such individual. He’s being de-personed by the tech emperors with Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Ezra Levant focused on this facet in a Twitter thread where he highlighted the process of erasure from history that has been performed by those in power against non favored individuals and groups for millennia like the one that is currently in progress against Alex Jones.

He listed an example of this, posting a video describing the lengths Roman emperors would go to destroy all memory of their rivals or other problem individuals:

Damnatio Memoriae, or How to Erase Someone from History

How do you remove the memory of a particularly bad emperor from the history books? Or what if your brother is just so annoying that you can’t stand the sight of him anymore, and don’t want to share power? You perform a damnatio memoriae, erase all inscriptions, destroy all public images, and pretend as if he never existed.

Ezra Levant ?? on Twitter

2. It’s not a legal approach (remedy a problem) and it’s not an intellectual approach (articulate what thoughts are now banned, and why) . It’s a de-platforming approach, a mob approach, hysteria. It’s how Antifa would act, if they owned a trillion-dollar tech company. Or China.

On the internet, things are not necessarily forever when the web companies want something to vanish.

Secondly, on top of erasing Alex Jones, internet companies doing this are not identifying a single allegation that is prompting their actions. Some of these tech companies have used the nebulous term “hate speech” as a reason for the banning, but everyone should know by now that “hate speech” means anything leftists do not like. Obviously at this point, all speech is “hate speech” unless approved by Democrat party apparatchiks.


How the Government Gets Around Free Speech Laws

He also highlights the problem I pointed out earlier, governments are using tech companies as their unofficial official censors to get around free speech laws. Here is a clip from the British Parliament where MP’s are demanding Tommy Robinson’s political commentary be banned from YouTube:

And this is where “MUH FREE MARKETS!” fails. When you have tech companies acting as the defacto enforcement arms for the government censorship office, do you have a free market? NO!

The Europeans already have it in writing and have had it since early 2016 that these companies will become the censors for the government. The United States government is controlled almost entirely by the Democrats, with the Republicans pretending that they have some say over this structure. Can we do anything about it? No, because according to the “free markets UBER ALLES” crowd, we should just move somewhere else. Again Ezra Levant highlights this disturbing fact that conservatives and those on the right seem to want to actively ignore:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft have all been involved in the creation of the code, which is particularly aimed at fighting racism and xenophobia across Europe. Such efforts are hampered by varying enforcement in different countries, something the code is tackling.

It also encourages the social media companies to take quick action as soon as a valid notification is received.

A slim document, the code of conduct isn’t legally binding for the internet companies, even though many of its policies are already covered by other EU legislation such as the e-commerce directive. Instead, it establishes “public commitments” for the companies, including the requirement to review the “majority of valid notifications for removal of illegal hate speech” in less than 24 hours, and to make it easier for law enforcement to notify the firms directly.

It isn’t legally binding, but governments have ways to make companies and organizations follow policies even if they are not legally binding. Does anyone remember the billions of dollars in fines against Google? Did conservatives forget the “Dear Colleague” letter the Obama Department of Education sent out to schools and colleges concerning Title IX education guidelines? The Dear Colleague letter issued “guidance” that was not —like the EU hate speech code the tech companies signed—  legally binding, but the administration would sue these institutions if they did not follow the guidelines to the letter.

The tech companies are following the EU hate speech code as if it has the force of law worldwide. In return, they will not receive harsh treatment by governments and will be allowed to break a few regulations and laws here and there. Governments get exactly what they want, a censorship level approaching the Chinese government, without having to deal with the fallout from any messy, dictatorial laws.

And this is all done in order to keep you safe from impure thoughts and terrorists, but mostly impure thoughts that could lead to populist and anti-establishment uprisings among the voters:

Vĕra Jourová, the EU commissioner for justice, consumers and gender equality, led the creation of the code, and placed it in the context of the attacks in Paris and Brussels. “The recent terror attacks have reminded us of the urgent need to address illegal online hate speech,” she said. “Social media is unfortunately one of the tools that terrorist groups use to radicalise young people and racist use to spread violence and hatred.

“This agreement is an important step forward to ensure that the internet remains a place of free and democratic expression, where European values and laws are respected.”

“Ensure that the internet remains a place of free and democratic expression,” how Orwellian! The internet will remain a place where free expression is cat videos only, any unsavory opinions will be erased in the name of protecting the populace from “hate speech.”


It’s not Just Big Tech Censoring you, Everyone Else is Doing it too!

An even bigger problem is the pervasiveness of left wing thought among corporate elites. It isn’t just the big tech companies who are censoring and de-platforming people, it is the big banks, PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, Stripe, internet companies like GoDaddy, Cloudflare, etc. all are in the back pocket of the left and have colluded to remove undesirable individuals and organizations from the web.

Remember the Daily Stormer? They were taken offline by corporate lefties and had to move to the dark web in order to actually still have an online presence. You literally could not find them on the internet any longer. Jihad Watch lost much of their ability to accept donations when PayPal pulled the plug on them.

This keeps happening and many conservatives, who sound exactly like nevertrumpers like Paul Ryan, keep repeating the mantra like a religious zealot: We can’t do anything about these companies because it’s not who we are.

We have governments demanding that these “private” companies act as their enforcers on the internet. If Americans have the freedom of speech but no right to actually be able exercise that speech, then do we really have it?

The argument that conservatives should just “FORM A NEW FACEBOOK!” just doesn’t work in the face of this widespread attack on the internet from the left. You can’t just create a “New Conservative Facebook,” a conservative would have to —if the “free market” as it currently exists on the internet is allowed to continue— lay down lines for internet all over the world or use a wifi mesh type system, then form a new banking system, then form a new company to process payments, then form a new company to give out domain names, then create a new server, AND THEN form a new conservative Facebook. Which will all be promptly shut down by government regulators for allowing hate speech, nazis, ISIS, militia groups, or someone with overdue library books or speeding tickets to log onto the service.

This is going to continue until an actual right wing, non cuck government is in place that is willing to break up or regulate the behaviors of these big tech companies to prevent them from censoring conservatives. Until then, Americans can enjoy their “free speech” within, and only within, the walls of their homes.

First, They Came For Alex Jones

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