Why It is Time to End These Political “Legal Investigations” of President Trump

The Democrats, just as they did with the ill-fated Presidential Candidacy of Hillary Clinton, are overestimating the popularity of not only their political party but their political ideology as well.

By now, I am sure that you have heard about all the new developments in the “Mueller Investigation of the Life and Times of President Donald J. Trump”.

I am going to stop calling it “The Russia Probe” because Mueller has long since dumped all pretense into looking into any connection between the Trump Presidential Campaign and the Russian Government…because there was none.

Now, this investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his 17 Angry Democrats has mushroomed into probing every aspect of the past of President Trump, his family, and his friends.

This is no longer about some sort of conspiracy to alter the results of the 2016 Presidential Election. This is about completely destroying President Trump, his loved ones, and anyone who has ever known him or worked for him.

Just as they did over the nightmarish 8 long years of the Obama Administration and as they attempted to do to the Trump Travel Ban, the Democrats are on a mission to use the courts to overturn the will of the American People.

If the Democrats and the Never Trumpers in the Washington Swamp, who are pulling the strings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, believe that we average Americans living between the coasts cannot recognize a Political Railroading of a sitting President when it is playing out right before our very eyes, they are horribly mistaken.


Voters still tend to think the highly publicized cases of Trump associates Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen will not cause criminal problems for the president, but it’s a party line vote.  

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 44% of Likely U.S. Voters think the conviction of Manafort and the guilty pleas of Cohen are likely to lead to criminal charges against Trump. Fifty percent (50%) consider that unlikely. This includes 20% who say it’s Very Likely and 24% who see it as Not At All Likely. 

The Democrats, just as they did with the ill-fated Presidential Candidacy of Hillary Clinton, are overestimating the popularity of not only their political party but their political ideology as well.

President Trump remains popular with the average Americans who elected him.

He has been keeping his campaign promises. He has shrunk unemployment down to historic numbers, while cutting taxes to encourage economic growth.

His Foreign Policy has been winning respect from world leaders who understand that he is not the pushover that his predecessor was.

The overwhelming majority in America’s Heartland remain loyal to this President.

If the Democrats, through legal and/or political means, attempt to remove him from office, they will be doing themselves no favors.

The political consequences of overturning the will of the American People could result in their entire political party going the way of the Whigs. Or worse, the anger of average Americans could be turned against them in a physical manner.

Our Founders set up the Electoral College to insure that every American’s vote would count equally, whether they lived in a densely populated area or “out in the sticks”.

To attempt to overturn a Presidential Election through slander, flipping, Main Stream Media Propaganda, and Judicial Fiat is an act of cowardly fascism, which, if successful, will go down in infamy alongside the Russian Revolution and the Beer Hall Putsch, doing irreparable damage to our Constitutional Republic System of Government.

This whole Political Inquisition needs to stop…for the good of our Sovereign Nation.

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Written by kingsjester

Do you ever feel helpless about what's going on? Do you turn the sound down when a member of "The Resistance" speaks? Do you talk back to the television? I understand fully. My blog contains the views of a 61 year old Christian American Conservative. I was raised by members of The Greatest Generation. My father landed at Normandy. I love this country. By the way, how did that Hopey-Changey Thing work out for ya?

I have been writing daily since April of 2010. I enjoy researching and sharing my thoughts with you. It is a privilege and it beats the heck out of punching a hole in the wall.

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