When did you first hear Rush Limbaugh?

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Rush Limbaugh show, when did you first hear Rush on the radio?

I heard Rush for the first time on Tuesday August 2, 1988 in Portland, Oregon. On Monday, I’d heard a news blurb about this new controversial conservative radio program. I decided to call in late for work so I could check out what was causing so much fuss.

There was a back way I could go to work that took me along the Willamette River and I was enjoying the ride when the show came on.

The first thing that struck me was the intro theme — My City Was Gone by the rock group The Pretenders. Conservatives didn’t do rock music! Back in 1988, any conservatives would likely be playing religious music or maybe classical. This was really different.

The thing I remember most was Rush doing his impersonation of the Reverend Jesse Jackson. I thought — “wow! If I said anything like that at work, I’d be immediately fired!” It simply was not permitted to question a black activist back then much less a “reverend.”

In his book The Way Things Ought To Be, Rush wrote —

I will devote my entire weekend to keeping track of all relevant events so that you won’t have to. I’ll tell you not only what happened over the weekend that was of any importance but, as an added bonus, I’ll tell you what to think about it as well.

As Rush has noted, what he’s able to do is validate what I’ve already been thinking.

I was rather shocked when Rush renewed his contract in 2016. No matter what the outcome of the election, Rush was going to take a beating. If Hillary had won, it would have been been so depressing to chronicle the disasters that would have followed. And if Trump, won . . . well we know what happened . . . every day becomes having to defend the president against the onslaught du jour.

Where were you when you first heard Rush?

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