West Hollywood Votes To Remove Trump’s Star

President Trump’s star on West Hollywood’s Walk of Fame has become a flash point for the violent Left. The star has been repeatedly vandalized, and Trump supporters coming to pay homage or protect the star have been assaulted. Most recently two massive brawls broke out at the Walk of Fame between Trump supporters and deranged Leftists.

The city of West Hollywood has recently voted to remove President Trump’s star. Is it because President Trump’s star has become a focal point for political violence? Hardly. West Hollywood is removing Trump’s Walk of Fame star for the most hypocritical reason imaginable.

I’ll tell you what it is on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. City of West Hollywood voted to remove President Trump’s Walk of Fame star.
    1. Unanimous vote by the city council.
    2. Also called on the Chamber of Commerce to change requirements for stars.
    3. Cited Trump’s treatment of women.
    4. Referred to Chamber of Commerce.
  2. West Hollywood is being hypocritical.
    1. Mayor Duran accused of sexual harassment in 2016.
    2. City paid out $500,000 to the aide.
  3. Why is Trump’s behavior unacceptable but Mayor Duran’s is okay?
  4. Star has become a focus of extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome.
    1. If it is removed it should be for public safety.

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Written by Radius

Radius refuses to post a bio. Website bios simply serve to prop up the cis-gendered patriarchy of the manocentric maleocracy. Also we must #Resist Trump because racism I guess.

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