Update: How to Submit Guest Posts, Embeds, Polls, and Memes

Good morning everyone, as you’ve all seen we’ve had yet another site change within the past week. We have finally added inbuilt functionality to the site that enables people to submit posts without relying on plugins to add that functionality for us.

With this new system, in order to increase the ease on the editors and administrators here in reviewing posts, requires the submitter to create a site account in order to submit a post. For those of you who have accounts with the Disqus commenting system, this is not the same thing as your login with that service.

[NOTE: If you know you already have a membership, skip to the next section]

Creating an Account With Sparta Report

In order to create an account on Sparta Report, which is completely free, you can hover over the user icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen next to the “CREATE” button. The subsequent menu that pops up in the dropdown list will take you to the memberships screen. Or you can click “Sign Up for a Membership” at the top of the page.

sparta report sign in

[NOTE: There are paid memberships options that support our efforts to run the site, which also disables ads for those users.]

Once you have signed up for a membership, you can then sign in.

sign in sparta report

Sign in and go to the Guest Post Area

To submit a guest post, again, you must sign in to Sparta Report’s system. In the case that you have not yet signed in, the post submission screen will ask for you to sign in before you are allowed to fill out the fields in the submission screen.

You will be greeted with this screen. This is where you can create a guest post, post an important update/embedded link, post a funny meme picture, or create a poll.

The simplest one is creating a guest post. It involves adding a title, adding the body of the post, then adding “tags” or one word key words that would link to the article (President Trump, for instance, would be a tag referencing an article about President Trump), and finally adding a picture to the article.

After finishing, you can hit “submit for review” and one of the site staff will review and then post the article.

The Poll option may be the most complicated out of the four options so I will go over that screen next. First, you input a title and a short blurb discussing the poll, like I have (obviously you can go much, much longer or to give more background information if you would like):


Next you can start entering in the Questions along with the Answers that you want people to be able to select:

I wanted people to select who they think is the greatest modern president (since FDR/Truman). If you want to input more questions, simply scroll down to Question 2 and repeat the process.

You can also input photos and have people select based on those as well. A photo poll of who is the dumbest politician in office right now, might be a good example for that.

Here is my finished poll post. I have also put in a photo and tags as you can see here:

Now as an administrator, I have the ability to publish posts from that screen immediately. However, as a standard user, it will show a “submit for review” button. This is to allow us to screen for spam and inappropriate posts.

And that about sums up the guest post process. If you have any further questions, please bring it up in the comments below.


Written by NWC

World class hater of the United States Political Establishment and their globalism fetishes, especially unfettered immigration.


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