The Unpersoning Of Roseanne Continues

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We’ve long known that ABC intended to revive Roseanne without controversial actress Roseanne Barr at the helm. What we didn’t know is how ABC intended to get rid of Roseanne’s character. Co-Star John Goodman gave a hint as to what the network intends to do in its Roseanne revival.

I’ll tell you why this is just another step in the effort to unperson and erase a Trump supporting actress from history on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. John Goodman revealed how “The Connors” will continue without Roseanne.
    1. Character will be dead when the show starts.
    2. Dan will be moody and depressed.
  2. The latest example of how Roseanne Barr is being erased for her “racist” tweet.
  3. Roseanne loses her job, show, and legacy.
    1. James Gunn, potential pedophile, is defended by Guardians of the Galaxy cast as Disney attempts to rehire him.
    2. Matt Lauer, poster boy for #MeToo, eyes a return to TV.
  4. The Connors will bomb.

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