Three People Shot and Another Beaten At Chicago’s “Peace Picnic”

These feel good, empty “promote peace” events are a joke, and they always seem to be exposed as sad jokes:

Three people were shot at a back-to-school peace picnic held at a playground in Chicago on Saturday night.

A fourth person was beaten up at the event that was held to promote peace and community.

The picnic, which took place at Seward Park on the city’s North Side, was off to a safe start, but onlookers say the mood quickly turned when a group of young men showed up and started fighting.

“It’s senseless and should have never happened,” event organizer Raymond Hatcher told reporters. “We were doing well. Everything was going swell and then a group of guys who were not associated with us, came to the event intoxicated.”

On Friday, as the city girded itself for another weekend of mayhem and bloodshed, a shooting left seven people hurt, including a 3-year-old boy.

The youngster was one of 25 people shot in Chicago over a span of roughly 14 hours from Friday afternoon to early Saturday.

Baltimore similarly humiliated itself in 2017 with its “Nobody Kill Anybody” weekend.


Written by Doomberg

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