The Supposed “Left Wing Insurgency” Led by Ocasio-Cortez Flopped

The left has been trying to create an artificial “Tea Party” since 2010. The Tea Party was an organic, grassroots movement of normal Republican voters who were fed up with Republicans who had failed to deliver on their promises since the fall of Gingrich in 1998, and the party’s failure to fight against the Obama administration’s legislation. They started voting for conservative primary candidates in defiance of the party’s establishment and this ultimately led to the Trump phenomenon.

The problem the left has is that they don’t understand what led to the Tea Party movement. Instead, they have been trying to “manufacture” a Tea Party movement of their own, and failing at it embarrassingly over and over. Anyone remember the Coffee Party?

The left also tried to counter conservative media in the early days by manufacturing talk radio personalities to compete with Rush Limbaugh, and later Mark Levin and Michael Savage. All of these manufactured, fake personalities likewise flopped and couldn’t find an audience.

Left wing attempts to duplicate conservative movements usually fail, but they keep trying anyway and wasting millions doing it. Ocasio-Cortez was the left’s latest attempt to create a Tea Party movement on the left. As a Hispanic female, she was supposed to capitalize on left wing anger with Trump, who has been repeatedly smeared as a Hispanic-hating racist and a sexist.

They also tried to create an “inspiring” Obama-like storyline for her, as a relative political newcomer who emerged from obscurity to be topple the old establishment, win the presidency in 2020, and be catapulted to the heights of power.

The problem is that the people responsible for the manufacture of Ocasio-Cortez don’t really understand where the Obama phenomenon came from in the first place. Obama sold himself as a moderate reformer to the country at a time when Bush’s poor governance had drive Republican morale to an all time low and the country was in a state of panic over the 2008 crisis.

Many of us on the right understood that Obama was a dangerous radical, but to the rest of the country he appeared to be a mild reformer who was promising to finally heal America’s racial sins and put the legacy of the 1960’s behind us once and for all. Even with all that, he just barely beat John McCain in 2008, and in 2012 he won because the GOP fielded a uniquely terrible candidate.

Ocasio-Cortez is none of these things. She is a wild-eyed radical, and looks the part. She lacks Obama’s charisma and is a walking gaffe machine (yes, I know Obama made gaffes too, but he can’t compare to her). She’s an angry social justice warrior at a time when backlash against SJWs is likely fueling the Trump movement. She’s running hard to the left when Obama ran as a moderate while waiting until he got into office before removing the mask.

All of these things added up to a disaster in the making, and sure enough, we have an embarrassing failure to launch:

The Democratic Party’s left-wing insurgency found its limits Tuesday night, with voters favoring establishment candidates over more liberal challengers in almost every closely watched race across several states.

In Michigan, former state senator Gretchen Whitmer easily won the Democratic nomination for governor over Abdul El-Sayed, a doctor backed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) who was vying to become the country’s first Muslim governor.

In suburban House districts across the Midwest, left-wing candidates lost to Democrats backed by party leaders, abortion rights groups and labor unions.

And in St. Louis, where party giant-slayer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez traveled to help another young insurgent candidate topple an incumbent, Rep. William Lacy Clay (D-Mo.) cruised to an easy primary win over challenger Cori Bush.

Six weeks after Ocasio-Cortez stunned Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.), signs of a tea-party-like movement in the Democratic Party that would throw winnable races to far-left candidates appear to be fading. Instead, the party’s establishment has embraced ideas like expanding the Affordable Care Act, shrinking the space between its leaders and its disrupters.

The party’s centrists, who had bemoaned Crowley’s defeat, saw Tuesday night as a turning point. Whitmer, who ran on her record of expanding Medicaid in Michigan — and a memorable promise to “fix the damn roads” — will now lead an all-female ticket in a swing state that Hillary Clinton narrowly lost.

There is no “left-wing insurgency.” The “insurgency” already happened when the Obamas took over the Democrats. They spent a lot of the last few years purging the remaining Clinton supporters and DLC types with their own people, who are much more radical.

It’s not really possible to radicalize the Democrats any further than they already have been unless they start calling for Republicans to be killed – many Democrats are already openly calling for violence.

It’s really noteworthy that one of the Democrats who won last night won not because of transgender bathrooms, or saving the planet, or social justice, or RUSSIA!!!!!11111, or Trump hate, or calling for violent attacks on Republicans, she won because she promised Michigan voters that she would “fix the damn roads.” I have been saying since 2017 the voters want politicians who at least appear to care about real world problems.

It must really sting the left that their new messiah failed, especially given that Trump’s candidates cleaned up last night. Kobach managed to win with a slim lead in Kansas and Troy Balderson managed to win a close race in Ohio.

I believe Ocasio-Cortez is likely to disappear soonish since she isn’t delivering results. The left will continue its quest for a new Obama-like “messiah” figure.


Written by Doomberg

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