Begun The Straw Wars Have…

San Francisco, having solved a homeless problem that’s gotten so bad there’s an app that helps people avoid piles of human feces, has decided to ban all plastic straws. The ban would be the first of its kind in the nation, and the movement has gained momentum. California as a whole is considering legislation to ban plastic straws.

The stage was set for the next stage in the Great Meme War.

Begun the Straw Wars have…

By the way, there’s been an interesting development in the drama surrounding California’s latest venture into Nanny Statism. The disabled people of San Francisco seem to be upset that the plastic straws many of them rely on for their very survival will soon become illegal:

“I know the environmental damage they cause, but I don’t have the luxury of a plastic-free life … I get uncomfortable and angry when I see non-disabled people behave as though they know the answer to this dilemma in exchanges that can get heated, if not abusive,” wrote Penny Pepper in a Guardian op-ed. Pepper, a disability rights activist, relies on the convenience plastic straws provide.

Unfortunately, for many people affected with physical impairments, the new ban in San Francisco does not explicitly factor in disability access, but it does add that “strict compliance” with the new ordinance is not required if it should “interfere with accommodating for any person’s medical needs.”

Critics argue that alternatives for single-use plastic straws — such as plastic lids or metal straws that can’t bend — are extremely difficult for people who have limited motor skills. Paper straws, others point out, can become soggy and disintegrate before a handicapped person is even able to finish their drink.

“The disability community is concerned with the ban because it was implemented without the input of their daily life experience,” said Katherine Carroll, a policy analyst for the Center for Disability Rights. “[I]t seems the blanket bans are not taking into account that they need straws.”

How dare they. Don’t they realize that the environment is on the brink? Literally the only thing saving us is a ban on plastic straws!

Some people are just so damn selfish.

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