Search Alternative DuckDuckGo Raises $10 Million Amid Big Tech Privacy Fears

DuckDuckGo, a pro-privacy search engine alternative, raised $10 million last week from Canada’s Omers’ venture capital fund amid growing privacy concerns from Google.

DuckDuckGo is designed to protect users’ privacy, while circumventing traditional “filter bubbles,” aimed at personalizing search results,. Crunchbase, a business information platform which tracks private and public companies, says Omers’ investment is the second round of funding DuckDuckGo has received since the alternative search engine’s founding in 2008. The first round of funding, an investment of $3 million was completed in 2011.

“With one of the fastest growing user bases in the segment, DuckDuckGo’s search engine offers users the opportunity to benefit from high-quality search results, with total peace of mind that they can maintain their confidentiality and anonymity,” the Omers wrote in a blog post celebrating the investment. “Over the last five years, issues of privacy and security in the digital world have become increasingly topical and controversial. In 2018, these concerns have risen to the forefront of public consciousness. Users are becoming more aware of their personal data and are increasingly concerned with protecting it.”

In a statement to TechCrunch, DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg revealed the fresh funds will be used to hire international employees and expand “the channels we use to market DuckDuckGo to have more of a global focus.”

“We are focused on staffing up to continue to deliver the best all-in-one privacy solution (the one we launched at the beginning of the year) and marketing, with a more particular focus on outside of the US,” Weinberg told the technology news outlet.

“Our top markets (in terms of search traffic) outside the US are: DE [Germany], UK, FR [France], CA [Canada], though we have significant growth and presence in most countries in terms of relative search market share,” he added.


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