Religion of Pieces: Child’s remains found at N.M. makeshift compound

Officials discovered the remains of a child at a makeshift compound in New Mexico where 11 emaciated children were found last week, the Taos County Sheriff’s Office said Tuesday.

Police searched the complex Friday while looking for a 4-year-old boy whose mother reported him missing. Instead of finding the boy, Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, though, they found 11 other children living in squalor with no fresh water and little food.

The sheriff’s office arrested the boy’s father, 39-year-old Siraj Wahhaj, and four other adults also found at the Amalia, N.M., compound, including Lucas Morten, Jany Leveille, and Siraj Wahhaj’s sisters, Hujrah Wahhaj and Subhannah Wahhaj. Officials accused the adults of abuse. The women are believed to be the mothers of the children.


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