Racist Trump Calls Terrorists Animals!

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racist donald trump terrorists animals

President Trump took time out of his day to tweet about Monday’s terror attack outside the Houses of Parliament in London. Specifically President Trump said only animals commit terror attacks. British Leftists predictably savaged Trump for being mean to brown people by calling them animals.

How dare racist Trump make terrorists feel bad by calling them names!

What in the hell happened to once Great Britain? I’ll discuss that and more on today’s episode of Trigger Warning Radio.

Show Notes

  1. Terror attack in London on Monday evening.
    1. Driver rammed a Ford Fiesta into a barrier just outside the Houses of Parliament.
    2. Several people injured but none life-threatening.
    3. Police are treating it as an act of terrorism.
      1. Driver not cooperating.
  2. Trump tweeted about the attack Tuesday morning.
  3. Leftists predictably freaked out over Trump’s “animals” comment.
    1. Many accused him of racism.
    2. Others told Trump to concentrate on America.
    3. Some insisted it was NOT a terror attack.
  4. England’s new motto “keep calm it’s no big deal.”
    1. Numerous terror attacks.
    2. 15 acid attacks per week, mostly in London.
    3. Knife attacks on the rise. London ER doctors compare it to Iraq and Afghanistan.
  5. A plea to the free people of Britain.

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