Mollie Tibbett’s Murderer’s Attorney Says Calling Client Illegal Immigrant “Just Rhetoric”…What?

What part of the word “illegal” doesn’t he understand?

Mollie Tibbetts

The last bipartisan U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform wrangled with the hot topic of Illegal Immigration for six years. President Clinton appointed former congresswoman and Democratic icon Barbara Jordan as its chair. Jordan came from humble beginnings to become a lawyer and the first Southern black woman elected to the House of Representatives.

A DEMOCRAT, she was a leader in the civil rights movement, a professor of ethics, a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and a world-class orator (two of her speeches are considered among the greatest of the 20th century). Her appointment gave the commission instant credibility. According to Jordan, she believed her responsibility as the head of the commission was to restore credibility to the U.S. immigration system. On the issue of illegal immigration, Jordan was very clear and succinct:

Unlawful immigration is unacceptable. Those who should not be here will be required to leave.

I wonder what Rep. Jordan would think of her beloved Democratic Party, now that they have embraced and are welcoming the same illegality, which she was so clear about ?

And, how would she feel about the fact that innocent Americans, like Mollie Tibbetts, are being murdered with impunity by these uninvited guests? reports that

The attorney of Mollie Tibbetts’ suspected killer fought back Thursday night against investigators’ statements that his client, Cristhian Rivera, is an illegal immigrant, calling it “rhetoric.”

 “That’s your rhetoric on it,” attorney Allan Richards told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on “The Story.” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said Wednesday that Rivera, 24, has been in the U.S. illegally, and lived in Iowa for four to seven years.

MacCallum argued that his immigration status is “just a fact,” but Richards pushed back — continuing to refer to it as the anchor’s “point of view.”

“You want to jump to say they’re facts,” Richards said. “Have these people been under oath? Have these people provided the opportunity to Cristhian to present his point of view on the matter?”

When questioned about the Iowa State Medical Examiner’s preliminary autopsy results, which stated Tibbetts died of “sharp force injuries,” Richards called it simply “a report” that he needed to review before commenting on it.

“As far as the death, I’m real sorry about the death,” Richards told Fox News. “I’m not going to make any comment on a report until somebody testifies to, in more detail, concerning the matter.”

In addition to speaking to Richards, Fox News on Thursday interviewed the aunt of Iris Monarrez — Rivera’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, who went to high school with Tibbetts.

The aunt said that Rivera — whom she described as a good father to his daughter — lived with Monarrez until about a year and a half ago, when the couple broke up. Monarrez has since moved out of the area.

“He was a good person. He was a jokester,” the aunt said of Rivera, through a translator. “For us, he was a good and normal person. Not aggressive or violent, no. He was normal just like us.”

Relatives, according to Monarrez’s aunt, “can’t believe” Rivera’s alleged involvement, and said they were hoping “it’s probably an error and we’ll wake up from this nightmare.”

In the weeks when Tibbetts was missing, Rivera didn’t act differently, the aunt said. She added that when the family would get together, “we would talk about the situation,” and Rivera “would comment as well and we would all say that we were surprised and scared because this is a quiet town.”

“This has never happened around here and we were all sad while awaiting, pleading to God that she would be found alive and that everything would be fine,” she told Fox News. “He never displayed signs for us to suspect that he had anything to do with this.”

The aunt said that if Rivera is guilty of the crimes of which he’s accused, she just wants to know, “Why?”

“Why did you do this? You’re a talented young man. You had a future ahead of you. Why? Why did it have to come to this? That’s what I would ask him,” the aunt said. She said the family was awaiting DNA results, which she hoped would clear Rivera’s name.

I have a lot of trouble with someone describing an individual who entered our Sovereign Nation illegally and then stabbed to death an innocent young girl as a “good” person.


Remember the tragic murder of Kate Steinle in the “Sanctuary City ” of San Francisco?

An individual who entered our Sovereign Nation illegally and murdered one of our citizens was found “innocent” in a city which ignores the laws of our land and harbors these fugitives, giving them the ability to prey upon American Citizens.

Have you noticed that Liberals, like the accused’s lawyer in the above article always leave out the word “illegal” to describe these lawbreakers, here in our Sovereign Nation without our permission?

It is as if they believe that not saying the word “illegal” will somehow absolve them of the crime of breaking and entering into our country.

Democrats also ignore that while these “guests” (as Arizona’s Famous Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s successor called them) are in our country illegally, they are committing other crimes as well…including MURDER.

On April 24, 2010, I wrote a Blog titled simply, “For Mr. Krentz”, detailing the murder of Arizona Rancher Robert Krentz by an illegal alien…

Police say Robert Krentz, whose family has been ranching in southern Arizona since 1907, was gunned down early Saturday morning, March 27th, 2010, by an illegal immigrant while out on his ATV tending to fences and water lines on the family’s 34,000-acre cattle ranch.

Reached by phone early Tuesday at his family’s ranch, Andy Krentz, Krentz’s oldest son, said his father was a churchgoing man who routinely went out of his way to help those in need.

“My father was a very good family man,” Krentz told “He supported his kids, supported his family. He went out of his way to help anybody we could without regarding to who they were.  It didn’t matter who they were.”

Sue Krentz, Krentz’s wife, said she was “pretty overwhelmed” by her husband’s death, which coincided with her parents’ deteriorating health.

“This is icing on the cake,” Krentz said.

Unfortunately, Mr. Krentz’s murder was just a portent of things to come.

The kicker is, the clownish excuses for city officials running “Sanctuary Cities” are not only harboring fugitives, they want to allow them to vote!

Voting is an American Constitutional Right of self-determination.

Non-citizens have no such right.

I gave the following answer to a comment made by “Benito”, who submitted a rather lengthy comment to a blog I wrote about Illegal Immigration on May 19, 2010.

Benito, I approved your comment to ask you a few questions. First, you write very well. Next, a few questions. What part of the word “illegal” do you not understand? What makes the current influx of illegal immigrants exempt from the rules and regulations that every other generation of immigrants to this country had to abide by in order to become legal citizens of the greatest nation in the world? By being here illegally, you are not entitled to the same rights as natural-born or naturalized American citizens. You are no better than someone who breaks into someone’s home, does their dishes, cuts their yard, cleans their house, and then helps themselves to their food and drives their car without asking. This is in no way a human rights issue. Freedom is God-given. And with freedom comes responsibility. With citizenship comes responsibility, like paying taxes and making your own way. Illegal immigration reminds me of the amorous boyfriend who wants everything a young woman will give him, but will leave her at the first mention of marriage. I wish you no ill, amigo, but understand this: This is not a civil rights issue. Illegals do not have the same rights as American Citizens. With our rights, come the responsibilities of being an American citizen. The Mexican flag, by protocol, will always be flown in a subordinate position to the American Flag in this country. And, the American Dialect of the English language is the language spoken in this country.

Vaya con Dios.

Our Federal Taxes are being used to pay “Sanctuary Cities” to ignore our laws and house murderers, who, if our Immigration Laws were being properly enforced, would not be here killing innocent Americans. Compassion is one thing. Sanctuary Cities are an exercise in blatant, law-breaking stupidity.

All Government Grants to these cities, who are breaking the law, must be stopped now.

I understand that people want a better life for themselves and their children. But there is a huge difference between immigrating here legally and sneaking in illegally, between assimilating into an existing culture, and insisting on replacing a country’s existing culture with that of the country you left.

I’m all for assisting anyone in becoming a legal citizen of the United States, if that is their wish. But, it must be done the right way, and they must accept responsibility for their illegal entry, show a willingness to learn our language, and embrace our American way of life, including respecting the American Flag.

Criminals are criminals, whether they are here legally or illegally.

They deserve no sanctuary.

Mollie Tibbetts, Kate Steinle, Mr. Krentz did not deserve to be murdered by barbarians who had already broken our laws once by trespassing into our Sovereign Nation.



Build the wall. Secure our borders. Enforce the existing anti-illegal immigration laws.

Mollie Tibbetts and the other American Citizens who have been killed by illegal immigrants deserve no less.

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